I lucid every night and I fell my "second life" is

I lucid dream every night. I have composed music, loved, laughed, been God. Does anyone have as strong dreams as me?. I really can’t wait to go to bed sometimes to get to my “second life.”

You seem to be a natural. :content: I’m not. :cry:

Did you often have nightmares when you were young ?

My normal dreams are sometimes very strong but I had few LD. I’m not the right person you wanna talk with :wink: …but welcome !

I really do feel my “second life” is better. I can do anything, be anyone. They are so vivid i can remember every detail when i wake. When i wake i feel depressed for about half an hour until i adjust to a waking state. I try to go back to sleep again straight away. This happens evey night.

Yes. I had nightmares when i was young. But didn’t everyone?

Not the way I mean. I read in this forum, I didn’t remember where it is, that a lot of naturals have developed LD since childhood because of recurent nightmares they wanted to escape. That’s why I asked you this question.

had a lot of nightmares in my childhood - am not a natural.

my view is, great, you have the skill, but in what way can you apply it to waking life to make your waking life a dream come true?
you shouldnt feel sad when you wake up, close the circle of excitement and feel the way you feel in the dream all the time. being able to be lucid every night is a great opportunity to use this skill for the better, doesnt matter WHY you are like that, it matters what you do with it.
have you explored different levels of lucidity?