I missed the chance of pulling a song from a dream..

I forgot it, I remmber a harmonica being played at the end of the song, it was a really strange sounding harmonica playing. It just drifted in, and out, the harmonica had a strange emotion in it. I wish I could remmber it. I know there was a guitar, drums, harmonica, and singing, but thats all I remmber. I woke up right after the drea, I should of wrote it down.

Hey kavaa, :wink:

I had an experience similar to this too in the past. It happened to me a couple of times. One dream I was playing the piano and when I woke up I could not fully remember or piece together the song.

In another dream I heard a song playing like on a radio in my dream. A guy was singing. It was such a cool song really peacful. When I woke up I could not piece it together enough to write it down.

This can be really frustrating can’t it? :confused: :eh:

I think I may try to get back into these dreams through LD’ing. Didn’t even think of this until now. :eek: :cool_laugh:

One of the most beautifull songs i made was one i made in a dream through a dream-character, a friend of mine!
It was a great song, just one riff. But i woke and did not remember, i just remembered loving it!
But I can get good ideas for songs with HI all the time, I think. Well I haven’t tryed for a while now, but when I started trying to WILD I always did it!
If I ever compose any classical music I’ll make sure I’ll search my dreams for some very me music.
:content: Hope you understood me! Not that well, but at least a bit!

Wow, phatidico, :wink:

That is really great. I bet a lot of musicians get their songs or song ideas from their dreams. :smile:

Yep, this happens to me as well. Not often, but it does. Just this morning, in fact, I dreamed of “discovering” a CD of some old songs of mine. They weren’t, really - I’d never heard them before - but they sounded wonderful. But I couldn’t remember them when I woke up. It’s annoying, because although I have good recall already, I think you’d have to have perfect recall to even start to remember some of those tunes!

The closest I came to remembering one was a slow, powerful ballad that was a bit of a cross in style between Bryan Adam’s “Everything I Do, I Do It For You” and John Farnham’s “You’re the Voice”. But even though I remember my thought about this at the time, and even how I was singing along to it, I still can’t remember how it went. Argh. And the other songs were much more lively and interesting, but I can’t remember them either.

Still, I remember the general styles of the songs, and it’s given me a few ideas for future pieces.

I’ve had this pretty often in ND’s as well as LD’s. In these, I make the most wonderful music, for example I sing and play the piano (I do neither IRL), or I compose beautiful electronic music of different layers. I never managed to remember anything of it either when I woke…

ive composed beautiful classical pieces, but unfortunately forget them once I awake :smile:

I remember hearing nice new music in some of my dreams that i’ve never heard before

then again, it could be because the radio was on, and was playing really random stuff at 2 am

I’ve had a few dreams where there song was being sung (same song) But i’ve never been able to remember it on waking, no matter how hard i will myself to remember it during the dream and once awake.

It’s very frustrating too.

Sometimes I chase after dream musicians or listen to a dream radio for musical inspirations.

I play drums, and IRL throughout the day I play air drums when Im sitting down and when I’m bored. Well the other night I was in ND and I was talking to an old friend and all of a sudden I just sat down and was playing air drums. I can remember the beat, but its a beat I play in RL.

I also read in “Exploring the Worlds of Lucid Dreaming” that you can become better at things like that by playing in your dreams, because the motion you use in your mind/dreams is the exact motion IRL. Im yet to LD and play the drums though. Another night, another try…

Sorry, but this made me laugh a lot. :lol: I play air drums, too! I do that so much that my friends make fun at me for it :cool: They tell me to go and make some music instead!

I wonder if it is possible to produce real sound by playing air drums in a dream? It probably is! :cool:

I’ve done it with guitar, so I don’t see why it wouldn’t work for drums :smile:

Im sure if you think about it in a LD it would… I hear the music in my head when I play in RL. Do you play drums or just air drums? You can hear it when you know what drum or cymbal your “hitting.” Be bright, be breif, be gone!

It’s indead very frustrating when you can’t remember the song you hear in your dreams.
I also saw a movie in my dreams, and I was thinking the name so I would remember it, but when I woke up I forgot it. I was wondering if it was a real movie.
I played a few times drums in my dream, but IRL I don’t drum, but I really want to. I was already practicing in my dreams :content:

I heard that some famous composers and artists got some of their best works from dreams.