I must be trying to hard...

I’ve had lucid dreams even before actually knowing what they were and about the methods. Now that I know this stuff, my dreams have been very…unclear. For the last two nights my dreams have been very unclear and hard to remember. They don’t seem to have as much continuity as they used too. I’m usually pretty good with remembering dreams, but in trying certain methods, my dreams jsut become random scene after scene. Everything is fuzzier than usual, and currently my head feels “tired”.

I think this is because I’m trying too hard to have LDs on command, or that I may be performing the methods incorrectly. I try the MILD and WILD methods.

I feel you on your topic. My suggestion is to start at the drawing board even though you are further along than others. Start logging down your dreams. Keep a notepad and pencil by your bed and tell yourself before you go to bed that you are going to jot down what you remember and when you remember. Just focus on that.

Relax and it will happen. Good Luck!!! and Happy Dreaming!!

Yes if you feel you’re overdoing it, quit from LDing for some time and only focus on your dream recall. If you like you could even quit the whole dreaming thing and let it rest for a few weeks. Just completely forget about it and don’t think about it. Dream recall may become zero, but it often happens it revives very quickly after you’ve taken a fresh new start. The same often happens with LDs. Really, a full break can sometimes do miracles :smile:

Good luck!