I need a good Dream Diary Software...

Hello everyone!

I’m kinda new here and I’d like to find a freeware dream diary software that is about as powerful as Alchera (if possible). I heard about Dreamcatcher but couldn’t find it. Can anyone help me?

[color=green]Hi Nephiros

I keep a digital dairy of my life. I use a software called iDiary. It was free when i downloaded it. HAve a look at it. You can use it to keep a dream journal :smile:

iDaily Dairy[/color]

Thanks for the suggestion, but I could just use Word instead of this. Any other dream diary softwares I could try?

EDIT: Oh, I also saw something about IDX’s software, which is supposed to be Alchera-like sorta…but I can’t find a link to it. Is it really good?

I use Dream Diary Assistant-Lite.
It’s totally free pretty straight-forward.
First non-evaluation one I came across.


The download is on the right.

i don’t think that’s much better
1: the program doesn’t work
2: there are way too few interpretations

I use Advance Diary I think I found it here in another thread about dream diaries.

Nice one nightshade! I think I’m going to use it. Thanks!

well, i think it’s about the same as the first one tho, i’ll see if there are extras…

I’ve been using my DJ on sealife but since it’s down right now :cry: I was thinking the same thing and want to download a program I can keep on my desktop for now. So far I haven’t realy found one that appeals to me and that’s free :smile: but I’ll keep looking and check back here on and off. If I find one I like I’ll post the address.