I Need Help!

Wow, I really haven’t posted here in a while :cry:
My dream recall is suffering, I still have only had one lucid dream since I discovered this web site last October, and my motivation lies on the brink of death. I need help! Is there anyone out there that can give me words of inspiration that might respark my once fantastic desire to lucid dream? Or is that too much to ask…

heres some words of confidence for u, u have had at least one ld, obviously meaning that u can do it

i on the other hand havent had any and there isnt anything i can do but just wait and keep trying

believe me, u can do it, just have confidence, dont doubt urself in any way

i suggest reading the favorite thing to do in a LD topic

Yeah, reading sounds like a good idea. Luckily I found my Dad’s collection of Carlos Castaneda books. Maybe Journey to Ixtlan will give me some indirect inspiration. For some reason my book Creative Dreaming isn’t helping me at all.

Perhaps i can ressurrect your desire for Lucid dreams. :content:

LDs are, as no one should doubt, extremely fun. When you become lucid in your dream, you can deny your dream and never follow it’s flow again. Do whatever you want, and it will work. Be confident, have an iron will for doing this, you must intend to do this. Read other topics and go to the home of this page. (www.ld4all.com for those of you who can’t find that lil’ red button. :tongue: )

Also, you can use LDs as a psychological therapy method. Example i could do: I’m extremely afraid of being in heights i doubt i’m safe in, (IRL, mind you) then i LD about the heights, and slowly but surely, i’m beginning to get used to be in these incredible heights. Soon, i will be able to kill my fear for heights.

An even better feature, LDing is NOT dangerous at all whatsoever, for those of you who dunno, and totally safe to perform. One exception, sometimes, is when you’re having sex in LDs, when you ejaculate in your dreams, chances are you ejaculate IRL too. (eww, just why does it happen?)

Wait, there’s more! You can even bring back verbal stuff from your dreams. Like poems, limerics, everything that doesn’t affect physical matter.

You can even train your physical and mental skills in which you wish you had IRL. Now you can! With LDs, you can improve most or any skills you desire. Also, you can alter your personality that you don’t need, for example, kill your bad habbits and add something else instead. (Come to think of it, it’s sorta like replacing data on computers.)

WBTB + Reading Induced LDs (Reading somehting over and over to brun it into your mind, and eventually dream of it) is the techniques i’m using, which i believe will succeed as i’m writing this post.

Oh, and to those of you who are impatient and reading this, sorry for the unbearable long post, i were actually trying to motivate this poor guy here to have cool LDs.

I’m lookin’ forward to digging into my personality and doin’ some spring cleaning. :happy: If I was still into skateboarding I’d try learning some new tricks too! (like that 360-flip I could never spin)