i need help

ive been trying to have a lucid dream for a while and i could use some sugestions. you know, just different techniques i could try.

Hmmm, You might want to try MILD I think it’s better for begginers. Practice it awhile and you should get something. You also need good dream recall like at least 1 everynight. I remember 1 dream everynight I usually LD everyother night. Do you have good dream recall?

i have pretty good dream recall. i can remembermy dream almost every morning. im starting a dream journal so i dont forget them and maybe find a comon subject of my dreams.

That is good. So have you tried any techs. yet??

i have also been trying MILD a little, but im not geting any results yet. im going to keep trying. i am also thinking about trying WILD. also, how long have you been having lucid dreams, or, are you having lucid dreams?

my advice is to read Sticky: How to Choose Your Technique (WARNING: LONG)
it will suggest the method that is most likely to work for you :yes:
have you been using WBTB with your attempts? it really improves the chance of having a LD

Look at when i joined on the side near avatar. And yes i have been LD’ing look at my signature. Oh and in my opinion i would stick with MILD for now.
What I do is say " I Will Dream And I Will Realize I’m Dreaming" along with breathing. I say i will dream and with the first out breath then I will realize im dreaming on the in breathing.

im going to try mild. thanks

Ooh i learned a bit from this thread thanx adam.Ill try mild now.

Ooh i learned a bit from this thread thanx adam.Ill try mild now.