I Need Help!

I have been trying to become lucid for about a year now, since I was aware of the phenomena. At first, for a few weeks, I was totally hooked on the idea, and did every technique in the book for a good solid 2 weeks without any type of result.

So, I died off of it, and I would occasionally want to do it, for like a few days, and practice all sorts of techniques, then it would die off. So, here I am a year later without any results due to my own laziness.

A few days ago, I put another dream in my dream journal, and I started back up. Dream recall isn’t an issue with me. I can remember a dream in very deep detail when I awake, and when I’m sleeping, I can feel myself in the dream. I just can’t seem to stick the connection there and say “Hey, I’m dreaming.” And it bugs me to no end.

I’ve been real hot on the WILD technique, and I need a few questions answered.

  1. From the time you lay down, to when you start losing connection to the outside world, about how much time passes.

  2. Is it possible to do this BEFORE you go to bed, not just after you wake up?

  3. What does it feel like when you’re close to entering your dream. Whenever I lay there, my body gets numb, not paralyzed, and then my eyes feel almost like they’re sinking back into my sockets. What stage is that?

  4. How many days from start to finish did it take for you to achieve lucidity via WILD?

:help: And thank you!

Hi, I have tried to WILD before and gotten ‘close’ but that’s about it. I did not follow the regular technique to WILD but used counting instead. I count from 1 to 20 and then back again to 1. The thing is to hopefully maintain counciousness when I start to loose count like I start counting more than 20 or forget where to count from…that means I’m loosing conciousness and that’s the time to pull myself back to conciousness. About how it happens and how long, I’d say it depends on how tired U are…for me it took 10min or more to start to loose conciousness. First U start to loose count, then randome thought images flood Ur mind and the images become more detailed and U get more involved the next thing U know, Ur conciousness just shuts down kind like black out into the actual dream and U become unconcious. So for this to work U gotta be concious to continue counting till 20 and back again until U enter the actual dream.


Hallo Vyntheo,
and welcome to the forum. :welcome:
Here are my answers to your questions:

  1. It depends a lot on you. How fast do you normally fall asleep? How good are you at maintaining the balance between awake mind and sleeping body? It generally takes me about a half hour to an hour and a half to fall asleep when I first go to bed. I don’t try WILD then because it always takes longer to fall asleep when I try WILD.
  2. Yes it is possible to do WILD when you first go to bed at night, but for most people it doesn’t work then. When you first go to bed at night, you start with about 70-80 mins. of deep sleep before you get to your first REM sleep cycle. Some people report having dreams during deep sleep. Most people don’t seem to dream during deep sleep, and when the people who do report on the dreams, they tend to be very vague and hard to remember. It works a lot better after about six hours of sleep. Then you go into REM sleep very fast. Note: with WILD you are trying to go directly from awake to dream, if you have to go through 70-80 mins. of deep sleep before you dream it doesn’t work.
  3. This one depends a lot on you again. Some people have SP, not many from what I have picked up here. Most people have some type of HH, mostly HI. For lots of people when you start seeing HI that looks kind of like a movie, you are very close. For others, that is just the start of the switch from awake to dreaming. When I get HI, I have to wait a while, then I have a short blackout and then I am in a dream.
  4. Using WILD with WBTB, it took me about six weeks to get my first WILD. Some people here have been trying for over a year now and have not yet had a WILD.

If you are not able/willing to use WBTB with WILD, then you may be better off trying MILD and RC’s. Most people have a lot more luck with that instead of WILD.

I do not want to discourage you from LD’ing, but WILD can be very hard for beginners. I think it is best to get some LD’s first, and then work at WILD. Because your dream recall is so good, you could use RC’s with DS’s and MILD/VILD to Imagen yourself in a dream, seeing one of your DS’s and doing an RC and becoming lucid. That would be my suggestion for you.
Good luck

Thank you for your reply. One problem I seem to have with RC’s, is discovering DS’s. I don’t really have reoccuring themes in my dreams, they’re all so random.

Wow! Thats sounds exactly like me! Except for some minor issues, and the fact that I’ve been trying for less than a year. Have you tried MILD-ing?

DS’s don have to be something special. Just something that tends to happen in your dreams. Some people use a color as a DS. Every time that they see green, they do an RC. You can do it IRL, and then at some point in a dream you will do it and can become lucid. Some people do an RC every time they go through a door. If you dream of certain people or places, that could also be a dream sign.
It is also about getting in the correct mind set. You get interested in LD’ing, and know that everyone can do it, then it is just a matter of time before you have one. It doesn’t matter how you get lucid, just keep at it until you learn how you get lucid. In the end, you might find out that you just start becoming lucid without doing any of the techs. It is all in your mind, so it can happen however you want it to. :cool_laugh:

I don’t know, I never look at the time because I don’t want to ruin the trance.

Yes, but I’ve felt a lot of resistance when I try to WILD at night. I just play with the HI a little and fall asleep without trying to do anything else. If I have the opportunity, I try it when I first wake up in the morning. It goes super smoothly then. I use night time to get more familiar with the process of falling asleep.

It’s a bit difficult to explain it. I’m on my bed and start thinking about random things/view short scenes that don’t make much sense (ie: dream beginnings). I hold onto one of those until it takes so much space in my mind that I somehow forget about my physical body. I feel like I’m spinning really fast - I see the targeted image spinning like crazy as I get closer to it. The image somehow becomes tridimensional and pulls me into itself.

So basically, I ‘enter’ the dream in tornado form (the only good image I can come up with, lol). I have no body when I get in. I have to look at a DC to stop spinning and I then realize I have a dream body.

I tried to WILD almost every night for a week, manipulating HI/the colors dots I saw. It also seemed to improve my dream recall. One morning, I thought ‘Why not?’ and gave it a shot without trying too hard. It happened but didn’t last very long. To improve my chances, I’d convinced myself that I would easely achieve it, because ‘it’s a completely natural thing to do’. Two mornings ago, it worked twice in a row. The process was so smooth that I wouldn’t believe it lol.

  • The most important thing is not to get obsessed by it. I used to and it pretty much got me nowhere for four years or so.
  • Try it in the morning, when you first wake up. If you want, wake up two or three hours before your usual time and try then. If you can’t, save it for the weekends.
  • If you don’t know how to go with the entering phase, do what would feel the most natural to you. Imagine yourself doing it. For instance, tell yourself stuff like ‘I’m now zooming/walking/hopping in’. It will work because your dream form responds to thought.
  • Keep your dream journal anyway. Even if you want to WILD, it is still interesting to use other methods such as MILD and DILD. It’ll save you time :content: