I need help

SO I read so where that if you make your body go to sleep but not your mind you become lucid. I tried it and I’m not sure if I’m doping it wronge or what because I can get my body to sleep just fine but I dont know. Any tips?

thats just sleep paralysis,it can help with lucidity but wont cause it. after all,your mind has to be asleep to dream

What method are you using to make your body fall asleep?
If you’re using WILD, check out the WILD FAQ and this tutorial if you haven’t already for more information.

EDIT: It looks like I made some incorrect assumptions about what the OP meant. My apologies :confused:.

Actually, getting your body to sleep and not your mind is just SP, not an LD.

Though, from there you could progress to do WILD and connect yourself with the dream. It seems that you just read that somewhere and vaguely remember it, I’d rather suggest picking a method among these: