I need help

I often can’t stabilize my lucid dreams. I’ve had 33 lucid dream and only 3 of them have been long and vivid. These long ones lasted around 5-10 minutes and the other 30 were 1 minute dreams. These were all blurry and I can’t stabilize them. I’ve read every topic on stabilisation and tried all the techniques (rubbing hands, spinning, etc…) and none of them work for me.
I don’t know what to do :help:
Sometimes they work for a couple of seconds and when I do them again they are useless. I don’t rush the dreams and always try to take a minute to stabilize, but it doesn’t help.

Does someone recognize this? Does someone know what to do?
Thank you! :smile:

This has happened quite often in certain periods for me. Usually, it is enough to simply stand still and feel my feet on the ground, focus on my own voice, but sometimes the dream doesn’t “render” fully. I wonder if this happens when we get lucid while the body is already waking up.

Fortunately, it is after a dream like this that dream chaining works for me. The mind is already focused on lucid dreaming, so if you can successfully WILD, this might be the best time for it.

@Siiw I tried it in the 3 lucid moments I had toninght, but kept losing lucidity. Usually I never wake up from my lucid dreams but just lose lucidity, I think this makes it impossible to chain. I’ll keep trying though. Thanks for your reply :smile:

Six very short lucid dreams later and still no progress, it sometimes makes me want to stop trying. Does anyone have some advice?

Have you tried touching a wall or crouching down and putting your hands to the ground - like how you would steady yourself if you felt dizzy or unstable while awake?

I’ve tried it before but I can try it again. Thanks :smile:

I would assume this problem would resolve the more lucid dreams you get. I noticed you told Siiw that you kept losing lucidity? Well if that’s the case than I would assume you weren’t very lucid in the first place, having lucid snippets that usually accompany the heightened awareness of the near end of a sleep cycle, so keep trying; I think Chaining is the best solution for this kind of problem. Also, don’t take stabilization techniques at face value, learn what they’re aiming for. That’s right, you need to make sure you’re as aware as possible.

Thanks you very much, AreYouMe. That makes good sense, I’ll keep this in mind and keep trying!

I wonder if it relates to your waking life. Could possibly be diet, or even your level of consciousness in waking life. Have you tried increasing how often you meditate to stabilize your mind and really connect with your surroundings in real life? I have been surprised many times by how much more aware of my surroundings I can be through meditation than I would have ever thought possible. And although I’m not much of a lucid dreamer yet, I have noticed that my regular dreams are far more vivid during bouts of time in my life when I am meditating more often… worth a try?

I took a break from lucid dreaming for a few weeks but soon regained interest. I’ve had around 20 lucid dream since my last post, still short(slightly longer than before) but I realised it’s a really long process that doesn’t have a ‘quick fix’. Currently reading Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming, perhaps this will help me. :smile: