I need help

last night I tried to have a LD while using MILD, but it failed, could I have a tip please?

In general be patient. Don’t be disappointed if a single attempt doesn’t bear fruit immediately. To further help you out with your question, please provide some more details. Start with the basics. How about your dream recall? You tried to induce a lucid dreaming that night. Well, do you even remember the dreams of that night? This is the most important precondition and for each failed attempt you need to make sure you achieve at least this. Or else there is no point in induction techniques: you probably wouldn’t remember the LD anyway.

Next question, what did your MILD look like: What did you do during your day to prepare? What did you do after going to bed before going to sleep? What was your mantra like? Did you try to incubate a specific dream for this MILD attempt? And finally, what was your feeling like before falling asleep for good?