i need some help

well i am 19 and i have been trying to lucid for about a year or so now with little luck. my real problem is i can not wake up on time for work without an alarm clock, which scares the shit out of me. also i need the clock across the room because i have tried waking up with it near me but i hit the button and fall back to sleep. i also have to go to work at 8am so i wake up at 7:15 because i am not at all a morning person :no:

i have what i assume to me a some what good dream recall, remembering at least 3 most times 5 a week. i have tried WILD before bed, i end up just falling asleep. i have tried WBTB + WILD, both w8 about 5 to 10 mins and 1hour and i end up falling asleep. ether way i can stay awake till about the point i feel numbness, and weight, and vibrations then just blank out. last thing is i seem to forget to do RC during the day.

can any one help? :cry: :help:

you are your own helper ,

have you thought of setting the alarm for just a dreadful time, like 4:21 am

so that you get grumpy and wake up and turn it off before it goes off ?

ill try, but how am i going to turn it off before it goes off?

I think eyelids means that you set the timer so you wake up before the alarm goes off.

Or do I mistake eyelids?

if you set an alarm to wake you up at a terribly early time you will wake up and turn it off sometime way before then, because you don’t want to be woken up.

say you go to bed at 9 and set it at 3 am

you’ll get up at 2 or something and turn it off , because you are thinking “man i don’t want it to wake me up!”

yup Eyelids is right, and as always, saying something motivational and inspiring that’s always welcome. :wink: Also, if you use an egg timer and set it to go off at 4 minutes then 12 minutes then 8 minutes, then 20, then intervals of 6, 6, 6, 6, and so on, then your mind will wake you up after the 4, 12, 8 sequence because your mind expects it to go off around 5 minutes and it really goes off at 20. So all you have to do is lay there completely still and you will drift into your dream. Your mind doesn’t want to be woken up so harshly, so it wakes you up earlier. Even though a 15 minute LD doesn’t seem long, dream time is longer than WL time. Have you ever heard about the man who claimed to have spent 100 years (in WL time, it seemed to him) in his dream when it really was only 2 WL hours? I can’t think of his name but I’ll look him up. I think he was exaggerating a bit, it was probably like 1 year at the most. Actually, I think he just wanted his 15 minutes of fame…

ya i set my clock for 5:15 i woke up at 5:13, set my clock back to 7:15 then tried to do a wild, i just fell asleep