I need some serious help with psychic dreaming.

Hey everybody, nice to meet you all. I have a big interest in dreaming, and this looks like a neet forum. But i need some help, and maybe someone here can direct me.
Anybody know someplace where people discuss their psychic dreams? Maybe a similar forum?
I had a dream where i was going to get shot in the next 2 years, and i need some advise from people who might know what i’m going through. Skeptics need not respond, this post isnt for your ridicule. Those of you who know what I’m talking about, I appreciate your input.

Maybe you should try the newsgroup alt.dreams?

You dreamed of gettingsho and were, If you think your goin to get shot dont go to that place withought a persone. I had the same thing come that day it never happened and i was there. This is like the y2k bug and it never happened. My prediction is your probably not goin to die. In my little dictionary that tells you wat dreams mean it says; the significiance is substantionally the same as that of death except that is a prediction is less imminent(i dont know wat that means).hope this helps. :smile: :gni: :bounce:. please dont die :cry:.

Perhaps there is some big event ot change that is going to take place in two years, and your death symbolises its inevidibility…

Hey Phoey,

Dreams are, well Dreams. If you can get your mind around the idea that life is full of infinite “possibilities”, then you can understand that your dream was a teeny tiny glimpse of one possibility. Any one of us could get shot tomorrow, or any one of us could win the lottery. Life usually has us walking somewhere in between.

There’s also looking at the dream from an interpretation standpoint. Perhaps within two years some very significant event will happen to you that will “feel” like you have been shot. It could even be an event that signals the “death” of a negative aspect of your life. So, it could actually be the sign of a good thing. What part of your body got shot? Where were you at the time? Who shot you? Why were you shot? The answers to these questions and others could provide some insight for you to the “meaning” of the dream.

In the immortal words of “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy” DON’T PANIC. :cool:

Dream Well

Dreams arent just dreams sometimes. The ones i have are very concrete to the exact detail and aren’t symbolic at all, and usually occur to me within 6 months to 2 years exactly the way i dreamt them.
I dreamt of 2 car accidents I had.
I dreamt of moving.
I dreamt of finding porn mags from 1970 hidden away in my attac and I found them there the next morning.
I dream of daily things that happen in my life 6 months into the future. I just usually dont remember them untill after the fact.
If the dreams are very traumatic, I try to make a note of it and try to remember them when i wake up so i can try to avoid them in the future.
I know 2 other people that has these as well.
One of them saved his life twice by avoiding the situations that was going to kill him.
THe other has OBE’s.
It seems like I’m not the only one out there with these, but other’s are hard to find.

Sure you might get shot, but the question is will you die… My best advice is to quit worrying about it and buy a bulletproof vest. Remember Back to the Future?

HI Phoey,
I think you’re real lucky to have such a gift! I think it is a good idea to wear a bulletproof vest if you are gonna be in a situation similar to what you foresaw (especially if you foresaw yourself getting shot in the body). I’m sure people will think you’re crazy for the next two years, but its worth it! Btw, can you ever direct these psychic dreams to dream of what you ne ed to know, or some other useful advice??

:music: You should never live your life in fear, its pointless. Know that god sees all and god has power over all, if you are to die two years from now, it’ll happen no matter what. So just live, learn, enjoy.


Actually thank you for the advice of buying a bullet proof vest… I’m going to take it! It’s actually eased my mind alot now. Yes i got shot in the chest a little off to my side!
As for directing the dreams, I have never practised that art. I try to focus more on remembering them when i wake up so i can do something about it later on.
However, i have read some books on the topic, and there is a hindu/budhist belief that all the records of humanity are stored in a huge library on a very high astral plane called the Akashik Records. Supposedly, if one gets really good at astral projection / OBE’s, you can visit the records and read anything you want to about anything. The book said you can watch events unfold like one would watch TV too. It also said that most people pick up these “visions” in their sleep, but most just think it’s jibberish and forget about them.
What i can do is draw indirect conclusions. For instance, I had a dream i would be sitting in NY in 6 months. This meant that I would be able to pass all my classes and graduate from college in FL. So i didnt have to sweat finals too much, even tho I passed one class with only a C hehe. But here i am in NY.
I think living my life in fear is smart. I’ll do whatever it takes to avoid life threatening situations. It’s called instinct and survival. Sorry you dont feel that way VisionDreamz!
Thanks for the links Explora and Lucidity!

:music: Ok i understand, i guess that makes sense, if you have dreams which tell you what might happen to you soon, then you would be able to avoid it. I’d like to hear more about your future dreams later on.