I need to break through

ok i was just trying WILD and i could always see things like dots behind my eyes before i sleep but i never got the buzzing kind of high in my body till now i was telling myself im going to dream and im going to be aware of it then i could see the dots apear into translusent shapes but then i got to exited and i shot out of it and had to start again and a few times i could feel my body twisting and turning kind of like i was falling out of a tunnle and i was about to enter the dream world but my heart started beating fast and i got to exited and i shot out of it again and had to start over :grrr: i also find it easier to let my mind drift and still try to be aware that i’m about to dream instead of thinking about dreaming and telling myself im about to dream and try to be aware im about to sleep its hard for me to sleep when im thinking about dreaming and sleep will i get used to it?? a couple of times i sarted to see color and i could see what was around me and i think i could tell i was in a dream but i got to exited again and had to start over maybe i just need practice?? i also think i had a small OBE i was sleeping on my stomach but all of the sudden it was like i was on my back looking at my celing is that what is was?? is there a certain position i should sleep??

Your getting to frustrated over this. From what I am reading your doing just fine. There is no “certain” position you should be in besides the “most” comfortable position to you. The moments when you feel as if you were falling out of a tunnel or your body was twisting are both prime examples of you actually entering your dream. You need to remain calm, if you want it to happen to badly you will get excited and lose focus. Just let it take you like you are drifting out to sea. Your doing great bud, keep it up!

Sleeping position doesn’t really matter. however, I have read that lying on your right side will induce LD’s.(Don Juan…who knows?) Regardless, at least if you have a regular position to lie on, it will keep you conscious of your effort, which will help. (IMHO)