I need to start remmbering my art work...

Ive had a few dreams, where I would be looking through my back pack which is where I keep all of my artwork, and I have ran across alot of dream artwork, that is just amazing, but I never remmber them. If it were a LD I could do it, but I allways see them in my NDs, and dont even get me started on music I find in my dreams, Ive heard songs that would bring me to tears, but its even harder to remmber then the pictures.

[color=darkblue]Yeh. it tends to be a vague after thought that follows you round for the rest of the day. I personally hate that feeling- cos the feeling to remember it is so strong.

I have a lot of dreams where I see people I don’t recognise in RL. Its a strange feeling because I wake up and wonder where my brain got the information from. Sometimes in the dream I have strong feelings for the DC and these don’t just go away when I wake up. Its annoying when I don’t remember what they looked like!

I think keeping a DJ helps and practice your LD cos many of the times it happen’s in ND are harder to rememeber.