I never hear any sound in my dreams?

As the tittle says it, anyway to fix this or does someone else have the same problem?

In LD’s or in dreams in general?

when I started out LD’ing I had only sight, I think. I remember the first time I heard something, I was amazed! then came touch. Taste and smell are a bit hard for me still, but anyway. It comes with practice and trying to actively hear something in a dream.

But if you mean in a ND, then you can’t really stop and try to hear something, as you’re not conscious, so I’d say it’s all about DR. The more you write down the more you’ll remember, eventually you’ll get a vague impression you heard something and then it should get better from there. :wink:

You just only think you can or cannot.
You can even read in ND if you aren’t that critical.
It’s all in your head.