I picked up some new terms.

DILD, VILD , HI And HH I know that thease are explained, especially when you mouse over them, but can I have some more information about them? I’d like to know more about what’s listed, so any advice would be appreciated. thanks.






DILD is just a “category” of *ILD’s. It is where you become lucid inside a normal dream via either recognising dreamsigns, doing an RC, etc.

VILD is where you visualize a little scene in which you become lucid, and you visualize it over and over again until you fall asleep. It’s basically MILD but then with visualizing rather than repeating a sentence. The topic explains best.

HI is Hypnagogic Imagery, Images you see right before falling asleep… I don’t know what HH is tbh. The topics Wolf gave you explain best. :smile:

I have read about them before and I think I have read the pages about those terms on the messageboards. I need to know more so I can know how to do thease techniques. I read people saying “Have you tried this technique?” And I know what it is, but don’t know how, and Iam wanting more info then what is already listed before jumping into the whole trying it out thing. Just becuase you say, what magick is, doesn’t exactly explain what it is until you give more definition to it. That’s just an example. Thanks for the help. :smile:

I think HH is just like HI but can also be used for hallucinations with your other senses (such as hearing strange sounds)

thanks for the help :smile: That helped me bunches.