I remember my dreams. Now what??

2 weeks ago whene I visited this site and tryed dream recall, It worked :smile: . I can remeber about 2 dreams per night :cool:. and I am ready for a lucid dream :cheesy: . But how do I start :eh:

The next step is doing reality checks as much as you can, and also just simply believing that you’re going to have a LD.

Something which may also help you - read up as much as you can about lucid dreaming. This helps get it into your head what you want to do.

well,that is a big problem of mine. i can simply lie in bed thinkin: “hey! how about trying to hav a lucid dream?!” but then i would think: “no, it wont work, becouse i am not enough motivated to do it…” :confused: by some reason, reading this forum isnt encouraging enough either… :sad:

help would be aprecciated (or whatever it si called :confused: )