I saw a dark version of myself in a mirror (picture included); can anyone relate?

I painted this picture myself to explain it to others. I was horrified when I saw this in my lucid dream; it had an incredibly evil air about it and its eyes were so black that there was literally no light in them. It also seemed very intelligent and very active. But the worst part was that I knew it was me, I felt it in my bones. The thing is, not many people would describe me like this in real life at all; I’m an extremely sensitive and pacifistic person. I’m just wondering if this is the true ‘human nature’ and whether others have had comparable experiences. I know of two other people in real life who saw something extremely similar.

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First of all, that’s an amazing picture, you perfectly captured the eerie vibes you were going for.

In regards to looking evil in mirrors, i have had tons of lucid dreams like that; it was always a bit different each time but especially my eyes, they would look like monster’s or demon’s eyes and my grin would warp into a creepy smile sometimes. I also {hope i am?} a pretty empathetic person, its possible maybe it’s due to low self-esteem? im not sure.

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Wow, I mean, horrifying as it may be that is very interesting, thank you for replying! And yeah, maybe low self esteem has something to do with it, I struggle with that as well

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Low self-esteem sounds like a solid theory. It’s along the lines of what came to my mind, too: self-doubt or fear of your dark side (which may not even exist, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be afraid of it, especially subconsciously).

Another possible interpretation could be that it’s not even about your self image but about what you see in other people, for example the dark side of the human soul in general. Or since it was a mirror, it could also be an incarnation of your fear for the distant, infinite or unknown that lurks in the virtual world portraited by the mirror’s reflection.

Important note: it’s your dream, you have the best bet of finding the most accurate explanation. Listen to yourself when reading our suggestions and reflect (pun :p) what you can really connect with on a deeper level in search for your answer.