I Saw A Plasma Flare...

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Short story… Once, I was trying to get to sleep, but I could not (Coke does that.) It was roughly 2 AM and a mirror in my room was reflecting the outdoors through my window. I wasn’t realy focusing on the mirror, when suddenly, out of the corner of my eye I saw a plasma burst like what you would see coming coming from a plasma rifle from Halo. This plasma appeared to be in the forest outside my house… Halucination, right?

I have heard of something called ball lightning. Maybe that was it?

It could be ball lightning, it may also be ‘St. Elmo’s fire’, I don’t feel like explaining it so I’ll let you do the research. I doubt it was a hallucination though, it seems to vivid to be imagined. :eh:

I’d say most likely HI. Since it was in the forest, ball lightning would most likely have burned stuff. I’d say go check it out :tongue:

Unless it was just some weird reflection of light that in your sleepy state you took it as a plasma rifle.

:truit: Halo Addict :razz:

Yeah, probably. Once I was waslking down the street and just randomly heard a sound like “kshhhhh!” of an energy sword. I have no clue where it came from… It may have just been a regular noise but I identified it with Halo…

I was camping once and we were looking up at the sky. I saw a plasma like explosion in the sky. The things you can see when there is no natural light about is insane.

Well its probably the Halo addiction. I played a ton of mario kart 64 this week and I can hear the lightning bolt sound going through my head.

It happens to many people - hearing a sound they heard in a game. About the “plasma”. Did you knew it was plasma, or do you just use the word to describe it?
and was there a storm, coming after or before it? If yes, it could be static electricity, althoug I doubt st. Elmo’s fire if it wasnt orange.