I saw something weird today

I dont know what I saw, I think it was a halousenating. I was driving down the road with my wife, and I was fixing to turn. As I was turning I saw infront of me a few roads down I saw a giant missle being pulled down the road. I only saw it for like five secouds as it was going down the road. The size of it was huge. I speed up to catch up to it, but when I got to the light I didnt see it. I saw like the top of it, and from what I saw… I dont know what happaned, but it was, realy weird. My wife didnt see it, but I sware it was real.

whoa that was wierddddddd i have no clue wat to say about it lol! all i gotta say is WIERD!! lol

:sad: That’s actually very creepy.

Are You Certain you saw this happen. Did you take any drugs earlier, or did you recieve A bump on the head?? :help:

That’s pretty cool freaky. I wish those things happened to me more often.

I was sober, but It had to of been real, because I saw it for a good five, or six secounds as it was going down the road. I wouldnt think as big as it was that you could pull it down a road. This is really going to bug me now.

Did you see a convoy of military vehicles driving close to it? Or did you see what kind of vehicle was pulling the missile?

From what I could make out of your post, it seems like a missile (either a rocket for batteries or a bomb for bombers) being hauled somewhere.

Were you close to a military base?

Was it covered by a (dark green/camo) cloth?

Did you actually see the telltale signs that it is a type of missile or guided rocket(tail fins, nozzle)? I say this because if you just saw what you believed to be the cylindrical body of the ‘missile’, then it could have been nothing more than a tanker truck moving through the shadows. If it had been any kind of weapon system that big, you would never have laid eyes on it. The roads would be closed off and it would be escorted by a large military convoy. Even then, weapons that big are usually transported by train or aircraft to a military base. My guess is that it was a piece of industrial equipment, being moved at night to avoid holding up traffic with such an over sized load. It is not uncommon where I live to see enormous pipes and the like being hauled on the highway with special equipment…With a little imagination, any of which could appear to be a kind of missile or rocket.

Were you tired at all? I could have been a premonition (sorry just felt like using that word).

Well most likely it was probably real. I see wierd things all the time. In fact I see what most dont see. Like aura, it sure is beautiful no? It could have been a missle, could have not, in the end what does it matter?

I do live close to a airforce base, so it could have been something going there. I didnt see any military vihicales around. It got up the road pretty quick, cause it was gone by the time I got to the light. Then again it could have just been my mind playing tricks on me.

Yeah your mind is pretty tricky. Especially when the objects are in the dark with shadows.

Pretty cool story though, to tell friends… like us :razz:

I’m glad these things aren’t necessary any-more.

Those juggernaut dinosaurs are so goofy and absurd.

One time I saw a convoy of jeeps with machine guns going down the road.

Ha-ha, you think you have power ? Silly humans
:grin: :grrr: :woo: :happy: :cool: :wiske:

Time to pull the rug out from under you. Time for Humpty to take a great fall.
The pieces aren’t meant to be put back-together, what is beneath the shell is a gentle and delicate baby that will be nurtured and taken care of.

An army of None

Thats pretty messed…

Yup I’ve seen a convoy of military vehicles before. That would be so hilarious if a guy cut them off! They’d probably shoot him off the road. :lol:

On my way back from Cornwall there was a few military jeeps in the car park at a rest-stop.

The mystery has been solved, I saw it again today. Do you know the perpellars on those giant windmills you see in filds? Well thats what it was. It wasnt a rocket, or missle. Im a little dissapointed now that I know, before it was a cool mystery of what I saw if I even saw anything. Oh well.

:eek: That would make a whole lot more sense. It still would’ve been cooler to have seen a military convoy than a stupid windmill. :scream: :wallhit: