I saw the world destroy itself before my eyes...

I had a dream about a week ago that really scared me thoroughly. It took place in the future, and had to do with the war going on between Iraq and the US. I saw a fortified city (with massive concrete walls that are impossible with current technology) surrounding a city in the middle of a desert. My mind was moving around the desert as an entity, and everything was dark-grey/black, it was night and I could feel slight breezes flowing through me, the cold weather and the arid dryness. My mind is safely running around the landscape, and I’m quite enjoying it, a warm feeling envelops inside me, and suddenly my vision shifts to the right where an immense orange/black/red mushroom cloud strikes, and inside the dream my mind is yelling and crying, and I tell myself I have to wake up immidiately, and as I start waking up I still felt the shockwave beginning to hit me.

Seriously, this dream scarred me for life, and I take it as a serious warning of things to come.

I think all it was was a nightmare. Just cause a dream is scary or traumatic doesn’t mean its prophetic.

Possibly so, this was a nightmare and without basis. But it did give me moral insight to myself. It was like an old story with a moral behind it, and I took my lesson 100%. So now I thrive to act more lovingly toward everyone, since when I saw this I was going through a lot of changes and began the proccess of asshole-ization (haha).

Due to ive said “LD-thing” due to i was lucid but it wasnt a dream. it was something when i had no body, just experienced things that flashed infont of me.
It was between some dreams, dont remember due to it was about 4 months ago… or more… could be more… I still remember the pictures i saw, big clouds in cylidners over some country, With a large hammer that was painted red over the clouds. And while i saw this i “got” an impression that this was “operation ecuador”… dont know what it is. but i dont know.
Ive allso had some odd “LD-thing” that took place much alike your dream in landscape… but much different. I remember the whole ld-thing clearly, but i will just write the most interresting: It was a country that was threathend from something that had a “bear”-feeling to it. The “bear” was inprisoned but would soon be let out and bring wrath to the country. And it was helped by 2 black crows, The black crows where the only one that saw me there. (I know due to things that happened).

That was something… else :smile:

Chiram: I’d be interested to hear more of yours if you can remember it. I’m pretty sure the bear, and the crow have some special spiritual significance. I know the crow is supposed to bring news of death.

ChosenOne: Judging by the way you tell it, I for one very much doubt it was a personal nightmare. I think visions like these are ‘possible futures’. The most important thing is that we have the opportunity to try and change them. About four months ago, I had a very shocking lucid dream. I wasn’t expecting it - it just happened.

I become lucid, and at first I think of this girl I really like, and try to meet her in dreaming. However, my attempts are in vain, and I get the feeling there is something much more important that I should be paying attention to. Soon enough, I feel someone approaching. For a second, I think I it may be the girl i like, but then I recognise it is another spirit / formless but knowable.

This spirit seem powerful, and seems to know exactly where they are taking me. Instantly, I am in a plane of some sort. It is dark, and I can see the ground below me, but can not identify where the place is. I can hear the sounds of gunfire. At first I think I am playing a game. For a second, I pause – I don’t really care that much for shooting, but if it is a game, then maybe I should. As I am thinking about this, I get the impression that I am here to watch something. I hear more shots, and soon I look down at the ground. Below me there is a huge explosion, and a mushroom cloud rises up. After this, the dream scene becomes very dark, but I see perhaps three deeply symbolic lightning strokes. It reminds me of a story of the forked lighting, and I think about the different ways the lightning can go. This is the scariest part of the entire dream, because I am not sure if I am ever gonna come back from this.

Now I am looking, at the land to the right. I see another realted explosion or fire spread quickly over the plains of the land. The land has a couple of trees, but does not seem all that full of people. I remember seeing some animals (perhaps sheep) running from the fire). As I watch this horrible devastation take place, I wonder where this place is. The view changes, as I move from the explosion scene to the area nearby. I am watching the view of the coastline, and I stay here for a while to get a look at the place. At the same time, I wonder why it is that that the place looks like bitmapped 3-dimensional imagery or a computer game. However, I understand that this vision seems awfully urgent. I soon began to fade, and am worried that I am losing lucidity. I try to radiate energy from my heart chakra, to maintain my state.

It is at this point that I am back in my room. I am walking around my room, and where my bookshelf normally is there is now a staircase. I know I am in my dreaming body, and am surprised when I managed to put my feet on the first step. This feels amazing – dual awareness is definitely an important aspect of this experience. I am a little worried that my dad will be able to hear me walking around in my room and wonder what all the noise is about. So I stepped back, and now I have my cat in my hands. I hold her for a little while, but want to climb into bed as there seems to be nowhere else to go. I clamber in, and apologising to her for my behaviour, drop her on my bed. She scuttles away, and soon enough I am awake.

(This was the most intensely real lucid dream I have ever felt myself to be in. It took place in a deserted sandy place. I don’t remember seeing any people either, but I only looked at the ground when i saw the explosion)

Usually I’d encourage people to find significance in things such as dreams, and religious beliefs. If something makes you feel like you are important, and gives you a warm feeling of hope and trust within your life, then go for it.

However, I feel you are all engaging in self-destructive illusions on this topic. I think there is absolutely no significance whatsoever to anything that anyone dreams about. If you spend any time thinking about something while awake, then those thoughts are there to be accessed in a dream.

The more you hear about possible wars with Iraq, the more you find yourself imagining great sandy deserts with thousands of soldiers dieing by each others hands, and huge ungodly explosions tearing cities appart in mere seconds. The image is already there, and there is nothing to stop you dreaming about it.

Still, there is a kind of bizarre logic behind all this. While random and undoubtedly pointless, if dreams like these can turn you into a better person, than who am I to tell you they mean nothing?

Atheist, I completely agree.

Even if some dreams could be telling us stuff from other sources (remote viewing, precognitive dreams), many people tend to give dreams more meaning than they - IMHO - actually have. We are always looking for assiociative (or literal) connections. Even if a dream means ‘nothing’ we tend to give it an extra meaning.

An example:
In the spring of this year I had a dream about the funeral of Prince Claus (A Dutch Prince). He died at September 6th.
Now many people would call this a precognitive dream, but I don’t. I have had other dreams about funerals and dreams about the prince. So why not one dream about both. Beside that he had many problems with his health, so I could have predicted this even consiously.

I think almost all dreams are about ourselves. It is our mind, our psychology, our unconsiousness. Dreams tell us about who we are, how we work and how we think and how we look at the world around us.

I do personally not believe in things like remote viewing and precognitive dreams, but I also do not believe it is complete crap. I just don’t know. I have never seen any real emperic proof that supports or denies these cases.
Well, call me an agnosticus if you want… :wink:

Okay, i must defend myself. I do not belive in precognitive dreaming, but its happend to me. I belive it while its happening but no more. The thruth is i dont WANT to belive it, im not special in any way. Ive dreamt about things that are going to happend to freinds before i ever know them. (I write up all things that i… see and then check them, Some are true, some are not, And i agree with you. Dreams are just about ourselves, but i cant just discard everything as bullshit that i see. sigh). I wrote up the thing about the desert and stuff in a file on my computer… lets see…Last changed : “2001-08-14 18:48” so it was NOT an affect from wtc or whatever.

I don’t really think the reason people post these type of dreams is to give them a sense of self importance. The general response to talking about these things, is to be viewed as crazy. I think if we could get these kind of dreams out in the open, then people might begin to look at the evidence that through dreaming we can look into the possible future.

The article I’ve linked to below, I found particularly interesting. In 2001 the Pentagon released a videotape in which Osama bin Laden and some of his followers discussed the 9-11 attacks on the united states. What’s interesting is that, the media almost completely ignored the fact that about half of the video discussion is about dreams and visions. Bin Laden and the visiting shaikh talk about a series of dreams predating 9-11 in which members of the terror support network who were not privy to the details of the plot foresaw, sometimes with considerable accuracy, what was going to take place.

Terror chief feared that dreamers would expose his plot.

No one will ever believe in the end of the world.Whoever you ever ask they will all say it positively real but rahther not soon.But if it comes it will just strike and everyone will be left with conclusion"id never say its possibile so fast and for such a supid reason".You know what i mean?We are just like this i think.
What do you think it will be?Meteor hit?Aids or similar,terrorism?wars?computers?ants?aliens?monster tomatoes?:slight_smile:
I just wish it was fast and sudden.
On the other hand i wouldnt mind it too much.Just another good way to everllasting ld.Then just hunting with elves and dancing with the fairies:)

ps,sorry if its slightly out of topic:)
take care

Never exclude the possibility of having some gigantic intuition capacities, but chances are extremely big it is just a nightmare, and even if it isn’t well what are you going to do about it? Be unhappy and depressed the rest of your scare moments on earth? Maybe better idea to live every moment as if it could be your last one, make the best out of it :smile: .

definitely agree about living every moment as if it is your last.

However if people shared these type of dreams, we may begin to notice strong similiarities between them. Perhaps the place and time of a possible disaster could be identified, and then people would know away to stay away from it. I think that would be worthwhile.