I seem to not bother to get lucid when I am dreaming...

It was a few years back I started having Lucid dreams. I remember the first ones so vividly, the rush when your whole Consciousness was pushed into your dreaming self, how amazed I was that this actually was a dream, and not reality!
Since then my hectic lifestyle has not afforded me the time to teach myself LD :frowning:
I also think I stopped my interest in LD’s because of the following reason.
But now I want to get back in, And so I have practised. I had two dreams this week.

  1. someone in my dream asked me where I lived, I realized I dont live in the dream and answered with my real adress. I became lucid but it felt weak, still like a normal dream, even though I even remember my real adress!
    I looked at my hands (something I always do when I reality check and when I become lucid) and said out loud, more clarity! more clarity! But it didn’t do anything. it wend back into a normal dream…or was it all a normal dream? it felt like I was dreaming that I was becoming lucid in some weird way.
  2. I was being hunted by my own will, I was playing with the people who hunted me, I thought of doing something boring to persuade them (no point going in to detail here) and realized why do something boring in a dream? Could have (should have) kept that thought and told myself this is just a dream out loud, but I was having so much fun in the dream I choosed to keep on deaming.

So I think you see my problem. I don’t know why but I don’t get that rush from becoming lucid anymore. It’s like I am bored! how can you become bored of the idea of a lucid dream? :wink: I remember when the biggest problem for me was to stay asleep cause I got so excited when I became lucid!
I have tried to set a mission for myself, like next time I become lucid I will find a “spirit guide” or I will have sex with that person etc. Just to keep my interest when I do get lucid. But my dreampowers are to weak and I cannot fulfill my goal and when I don’t I slip back into dreaming

I don’t think there is a right or wrong answer to this, I was just wondering if there are anyone out there who had similar experiences and what they did…or if someone just have a thought of what might help me or what they would have done…
Thanks for reading!

i think your problem is PROCRASTINATION.i have this problem in dreams too, its where you just sit there and watch. dont do this! never procrastinate, even in RL !
if you do this alot, it will make it ok to do, and its not ok if you want lucid dreams!
once in a dream, and you realize it, say “this is a dream!Im DREAMING!!” then do some RC’s like look at your hands, then try to poke your finger through it, or read a poster, look away, then read it again, and if its different, your dreaming. also heres a fun one! find a mirror big enough you can walk through it, stick your finger through it, then if it works, jump through it and see where it takes you, then you know your REALLY dreaming.

Thanks for the input Wolf.
Thing is, as I said in dream #1 I looked at my hands, screaming “more clarity”. What I didn’t say is that after realizing I was dreaming I felt like I had to use the fact that I was dreaming. Not being prepared for an LD I just started flying around, which worked…but I was not suprised that it worked, because it was a dream, it was so easy so I lost interest in mid flight and went back do dreaming…how weird is that!?
In real life I have difficulties concentrating…like when I do something I see something else which reminds me I should do that, then starte doing that instead, then see something else or think of something else and start doing that, forgetting what I was doing. I can walk around hours like this realizing I have done 100 small things! This could be true in the dream as well.
But coming back to these forums have awoken new curiosity in me…I read for example that cold water freshens you up, and also a calm place with few distracions, like a desert (lucid crossroads) can make you concentrate on your lucidity more. So I will go skinny dip in some cold water next time! I hope this plus my new founded curiousity with LD in real life will produce those thrilling lucid moments for me again!