I shattared my reord.

It started out as an AP, but then it turned into a lucid dream, I had two. I was having trouble sleeping, and I didnt get to sleep until 3:30, or 4:00. The first LD lasted for what felt like 30 minutes, then I woke up ,and went back into another AP, and I started just lucid dreaming. Before I fell asleep it was 10 min past 4, and lasted till about 5 after 5. I was fully lucid for the whole hour, and had no problem with waking up. The longest Ive stayed lucid before was about 15 minutes, so I blew that record away. It seemed so easy staying in the dream. It was realy entersting to. I met a women, and I was trying to get a name from her. She told me her initals, and said something about it being under Kangaroo. It was so fun, I flew around, found some bag hanging on a tree, but I was trying to find a DC, so I told myself I would come back to it. I allso got laid, which made me mad, because If I had known how long it was going to be, I would of been having a converstion. Im never going to have sex in a LD again, I feel like Im wasting time.

hahaha, welcome to the club.

Yeah…time in LD’s is much better spent doing things you can’t do IRL. I remember one instance where I spent five minutes making dinner in an LD, haha. Exciting.

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Now that would suck. I didnt even ask my DCs what the next playing card I would flip over be. I didnt do anything producive in this hour long lucid dream other then trying to contact the women when I woke up by getting her name. I just cant believe how long it lasted, and how easy it was to stay lucid. What is the longest anyone here has been in a lucid dream?