i slowed time in a crap LD

not sure if this is anything new…

last night i was dreaming and went into this cool lookin video store…
i stood in the store thinking for a second and figured i was probably dreaming
(one of those slow realisations where things just don’t seem right)

so now i know i’m LDing, but it sucked… i must have been sleeping uncomfortably cos i felt almost sick and just really uncomfortable, i thought about waking up or giving up and letting the dream take over but figured i shouldn’t waste the chance

then my control waned and though still lucid i wasn’t really focused
next thing i know my neighbours kid was there and i go “check this out”
i held his arm as we both ran and leapt into the air, everything went slow motion(like 1/2 speed) for about 3 seconds once we got airborne
i definitely felt i intended that to happen
and it was proper slow mo as in the whole world seemed to slow to a crawl,

has anyone else tried this?

Yeah. Lots of people have fun speeding up and slowing down time, either themselves inside or outside the time frame (ie. whether it affects them or not).

I was once in a ND in a town square and suddenly the time stops. Thus I realize I was dreaming. After realizing this, I could move but people and events on the square were paralyzed. It was very funny.

i really want to mess with this some more… need more practice! :tongue:

I have only slowed down time in a ND. Everyone but me was slowed down for a few sec, and I met a timetraveller from somewhere far in the future while everyone was slowed down. Very cool dream :grin:

Whenever I do something regrettable in a ND or LD I simply reverse time :cool:

:happy: hahaha Hendrixlee thats a really nice one lolol reverse time…good idea!