i stab people to death, in the NECK!

i always have these kinds of dreams. where it will usually be dark and there is a murderer. i and some other people, i think family, are there and i have to kill the murderer and not let him kill other people.

i usually end up stabbing the murderer in the neck repeatedly (weird, i know) but they never die. several times i have a huge knife and swoosh it around inside their neck while i stab them repeatedly.

usually i wake up before i kill them but one time the murderer was chucky from child’s play, lol and i stabbed him so many times and than burned him to death.

its weirder because alot of the time these dreams take place in and around my grandparents house.

when i was little it used to be dinasaurs i had to run from but now its murderers i have to kill. i have one of the dreams once every other month that i can remember. i dont know how many i forget.

Couldn’t you recognise this dream theme and do a RC?
Do this, IRL, everytime you kill a murderer do a RC and ask if you are dreaming, hehe.

That sucks to have those all the time… I only had a dream once about killing somebody it was just last week actually. I shot somebody in the back who was holding me and my kids hostage…It was weird because I didn’t feel anything just he needs to be dead…he’s dead…I think it came from one of the threads on The Cloud…

too funny Pancra85… go ahead put ideas in his head.

Josh did you stab the dinosaurs too?

know i just ran, and if i got tired i would let the dino’s eat me. it is very fun. i have lots of run away dreams. i love them. they are fun and scary at the same time.

do you actually run though?

Getting eaten by a dinosaur. As my daughter says “I would have sharted”

hey!, I tryed to post a solution to the problem, to recognice the dream theme, you could realise it’s a dream by killing someone the next time.
And I don’t think this is traumatic or something, I just made a joke!!, if someone got bothered by my post please sorry, didnt wanted to do it.

Tranquillo Pancra85… We knew you were joking…it was funny…Or at least I hope everybody knew you were joking :eek:

Pancra85 wrote:

Don’t worry… Relax. Or are you getting guilty thoughts :eh:
just kidding

I got a little upset, hehe, sorry

Pancra85 please continue to use your humor in your replies! :happy: