I think I almost got it last night. GRRRR.. so close!!!

Last night I think I got the closest to a LD than I ever have. I woke up in the middle of the night after a ND. I decided to immediately go back to sleep, the whole time telling myself “I’m going to realize I’m dreaming. I’m going to remember my dream.” I stopped doing that after a while because I got distracted by falling asleep. I remember seeing weird stuff that didnt make much sense, which I guess is HG imagery. Then all of the sudden, I felt really hot, and I got the sensation that I was starting to float or something. Then I remember the imagery turning white and I saw silhouettes of people in the background (kinda like recent IPod commercials). I also recall buzzing or rushing sounds. I got excited like “oooh!! oooh !! It’s happening!” and it went away instantly. I think I tried it again and it happened again for like 2 seconds and then went away again. From what I guess I ended up falling asleep normally and had a normal, but rather vivid, dream which I logged in my DJ immediately after waking (I forgot half of it as I was writing though).

Does it sound like I almost got it?

Yeah, sounds like you’re really close! Keep trying the same technique and you should have it soon. :woot: