I think I did........

Ok, I am 99% sure I had a lucid dream but would like some possible confirmation, the one % I am curious about.

I guess the only thing that may be giving me trouble, is just my ability to remember exactly what I did or didn’t do reguarding a RC. I woke up after about 5half hrs and went to the restroom and talked to my son, I told him I was gona get a couple hrs more of sleep. I laid down and wanted to LD, let me add I have only had one on christmas day accidentally due to 1hr of sleep in a 24hr period. So anyway I have been trying ever since, well after probably 10-15mins, I began to see all the color flashes and objects on the back of my eyeleds, I thought this is good! Then at some point, I felt the body vibrations, WOW! I wasn’t afread though even as they increased, I just road it out with anticipation! Then I pinched my nose at some point, not sure if I could totally breath or not, but think I could. Two boys were in my room trying to scare me and I told them to go away, because I thought I was lucid and knew not to be scared. I couldn’t make them go away so I got up out of bed and walked down the hall and found myself in a club/resturant. This is where I get my belief that I was lucid. I stood there and said to myself “now what all is it that I have wanted to do if ever lucid again” and I began to one by one try them, all of them. I didn’t really succeed at them, but was able to try other things when those didn’t work for me. I even at one point was laughing at myself and said “I have to tell my friend about this, she will think it’s funny”, this is a friend at work that knows about my initial LD and my attempts since. It’s like I knew she wasn’t there with me, I was in my dream, so I would have to wait to tell her at work. I said the word clairty in my dream, trying to lock it in, and I also looked at my hands and the left one had rubber looking fingers that weren’t straight, I remember that being cool, because in my first LD, I couldn’t bring my hand into view. I called upon dream characters, and talked to some and asked them specific questions that I wanted to in my awake life. I understand we dream about things we think about during the day, but to actually go in and be specific about them all and try to accomplish them all in one dream, this makes me think I really was lucid, but could I have just dreamed about lucid dreaming? I don’t think so really, but would like someone more seasoned in LD to give me some input on what you see going on here.

Please help! I am soooooo excited, just need some input!!!

It sounds like you were lucid. But only you can say if it definitely was a LD. Lucidity is defined by what you are thinking in the dream and your awareness.

You were aware enough to know she wasn’t actually with you in the dream, plus at other times you mentioned lucidity.

You were aware that you were dreaming. Of course you were lucid. That sounds like a great dream, actually.