I think I had a lucid dream?!

Hi guys so I think I had a lucid dream last night because I did a reality check and realized I was dreaming and started laughing/crying from finally getting into a lucid dream for the first time. I remember everything in the dream felt really real but now that I woke up I’m beginning to question if it was really a lucid dream. Do you guys think it was, or do I need to keep practicing? Also for anybody who has had a lucid dream before how do you feel when you wake up from one?

Sounds like a lucid dream. Congrats! How I feel after it depends on what happened in the lucid dream. Most of the time I feel happy and motivated to get more lucids.

:yes: sounds like a LD - you were aware that you were dreaming while in the dream.

On becoming lucid and also on waking afterwards, I am always really happy. :yay: