i think i had my first LD but...

i think i had my first LD…the thing is, thinking back it just seems like a normal dream, at least in clearness. i remember at the time looking at my hands and seeing that they were blurry and thinking hmmm i’m dreaming, then making a few attempts to fly… eventually i thought hmmm flying without trying and relaxed, and rocketed off into the air! then, however i woke up. then i went back to sleep again and had a normal dream, probably why the lucid one seems a bit hazy. also, i dont think i got the full idea that it was a dream, as in i didnt look around and observe how clear everything was.
so, could it have been that this was just a low lucidity dream, or a dream where i was dreaming about becoming lucid? can somebody please tell me what they think… :sad: :eh:

First of all: Noone can tell you wether you had a lucid dream,or dreamed to have a lucid dream, cause the dream description for both is exactly the same

But i am quite sure you had a lucid dream.You are just not sure because you probably read that lucid dreams have to bright and clear and realistic and so on.They don´t have to!
In fact many of my lucid dreams are like normal ones,or even more blurry.The only thing that counts is that you knew you were dreaming.
Probably you weren´t fully lucid.But there are many different “stages” of being lucid,not just low-lucid or high-lucid,but everything that lays in between.You almost never gain complete lucidity, so you usually don´t act exactly like you would while awake.
Read the tips on increasing lucidity, and have fun with your next lucid dreams :smile:


Full lucidity varies for people. About 3/4 of my dreams that have any hint of lucidity are completely lucid. When you’re completely lucid, you usually have full memory of things including wha time it is, things you have to do tomorrow, what you planned to do in your LD’s, etc.

Wow… ok,have to correct myself: I almost never gain full lucidity,you might do.

Monitor,is this for your dream until you wake up? I also have those full-lucid-moments, but after some time i loose a bit lucidity,gain some more… it´s always changing,until i drift into a NLD or wake up


In the old days, I used to be fully lucid for awhile and then lose lucidity over time. This was mainly because I’d do things like flying, which I was used to. In recent times, I have been experimenting with new powers, and often this will cause me to wake up. So I usually stay fully lucid until I wake up. However, sometimes I will wake up into a false awakening and lose lucidity.

I never noticed it but that is true, the dream journal entry for a non-lucid “LD” and an actual LD are the same… I now realize why I have been so confused about the second half of my first LD ever… to this day I am not sure whether I was lucid or not during the second half of the dream, even with knowledge of having other LDs… weird.

For me, often the key to having a WOW lucid dream is to spin.

So next time try spinning around on the spot. When you stop, stuff is MUCH clearer.