i think i had my first lucid dream last night!!! woohoo

So I’ve been dying to lucid dream for the past 2 years! Yup that long. Untill last night…I came on here last night to look for a new technique and I came across the one where you go to bed, wake up after 3/4 hours, lay in bed and count from 100 to 0 and when you finish do a reality check like see if fingers will go through your hand which then you go straight into lucidity. Well well last night before bed, i counted to 100 about 5 times because I kept forgetting and a random though would come in my head and ruin it to me so yeah after 4/5 times I gave up and went to sleep. Then when I woke up at 3ish (from alarm of corse) I just automatically started counting and I did a reality check and it WORKKKEDDDD!!! :woo: oh my godness I can’t believe it worked. My fingers went through my hand and I said oh my god this is what being lucid feels like! I couldn’t see clearly and I shouted my friend to appear in front of me but she didn’t so I remembered quickly that if you rub your hand you gain foucusness so i did and but I still lost lucidity. it was like this sensation that went through me to make me lucid. It was bizzare! BUT the weird thing is , when I carried on with the dream I knew I was in a dream state but I thought I would still get hurt or die so I was so so scared when this guy started chasing me. I was that scared that i shook myself to wake up and guess what, I did.

So do you think I had a lucid dream then quickly lost it? I hope that was a lucid dream!! Because then it shows that technique does work! :bow: :bow:

Congratulations, ilbieberiri! :grin:

Yeah, if you realized that you were in a dream then it was a lucid dream, there aren’t really any other requirements than that.
And it’s extremely normal that it’s hard to manipulate things at will in your first lucid dreams, so you shouldn’t worry about that at all.
After all, when you think about it you have a life-long experience of how real life works, so it takes some practice before you can convince your brain to do super-natural things at will (that’s also why it’s so important to do several RC’s, just a a fail-safe, because even RC’s sometimes fail).
It’s all about practice, and eventually you will be both lucid and in control. :woo:

Use this as a motivation boost and a way to make yourself excited - now you have succeeded with the lucidity part, so keep practicing and you will reach even higher!

Now that I know im able to lucid I was practice every single day!!! Till i control every part of my dreams. Thanks for the reply

Not weird at all. This is your first LD, so you still don’t really feel that you are controlling it and that it won’t hurt you.

My first LDs were just like that :content:

Other than what Laurelindo said, think of what you can do if this DC appear again. If that weird guy was scary, try being scarier. Think of a power or a weapon that you could use. I have my own dream arsenal in case of emergency - though it’s rather because I become lucid quite frequently in nightmares :tongue:

The most important thing: In dreams, you are what you believe you are. If you believe you can be scary, you will be scary. As Laurelindo said, you’ll improve that with experience.

Congratulations on your first LD. :happy:

Also, don’t make the mistake of losing interest just because you may not have LD’s every night from now on.
There is a learning curve for lucid dreaming as well, and the reason why you got this first lucid dream is most likely because you took the time to practice it, and if you keep practicing just as diligently from now on (or preferably even more than you used to do) then you will gradually get more and more LD’s.

I always say that combining a DJ with the LL lifestyle is one of the best ways to practice.
And of course you can increase your chances even more if you also try techniques like WBTB, MILD and WILD.

Just remember that your own motivation and excitement is what truly matters:
techniques are certainly useful, but first of all you need to make sure that you are confident in your ability to have lucid dreams.
A specific LD goal is also very important, so I also recommend that you write down everything that you want to experience, and read that list a few times a day and fantasize about it.

congrats! I’ve been trying for like 2 years on and off and has like 3 LDs…I will try the method you tried!

Hey well keep trying unroll you do. Trust me, dont not give if just because it didn’t work the first time. Like people say though some people work with different techniques so maybe yours is different but anyhows keep trying. It’s worth it

Laurelindo , hey thanks for the advice but now I know i managed to lucid dream I’m not gona give up! I’ve tried other techniques like mild and wild but just didn’t work. Il keep on trying though. That one single dream is alone motivating me to practice everyday. Totally worth it.

Congratulations, and good for you, for not giving up! I know that it can get discouraging sometimes when nothing happens. I have only had a few LDs and a very simple technique that broke a long dry spell was SSILD. There’s a big 3 part discussion on it. A lot of people seem to have success with it.

You mentioned the sensation that went through your body, and that always happens to me as the realization dawns on me that I am lucid. It feels like every molecule in my body starts to buzz for just a second as the realization sinks in. I wonder if this only happens to new LDers, b/c it feels a lot like the adrenaline rush I have sometimes felt when I found out something really shocking in RL.

Keep trying! I think simply KNOWING that you can do it is a big help!

I’m a failure with WILD, but I can say for sure that I feel that buzz in almost all of my attempts. Unlike you, however, rarely anything happens with me afterward…

Not sure on what I’m doing wrong… I managed to succeed twice in LDing through WILD, but I have no idea on what I did different in order to achieve this result :confused:

Congratulations, and good for you, for not giving up! I know that it can get discouraging sometimes when nothing happens. I have only had a few LDs and a very simple technique that broke a long dry spell was SSILD. There’s a big 3 part discussion on it. A lot of people seem to have success with it.

Heyyy that’s so much and what is the SSILD technique? I will definitely give it a go

Here’s where it starts. ld4all.com/forum/viewtopic.p … order=asc& &start=0
The thread is continued in three parts and is great reading. You will definitely be encouraged! And if you post any questions or have problems with the technique, cosmiciron (who started the post) is very helpful. This tech worked for me last night! I posted here during WBTB, then did SSILD. It doesn’t always work for me, but I’ve had enough success that I try at least once a week. I haven’t been able to figure out why it sometimes doesn’t work, but even when I don’t LD, it improves my recall and usually makes me have more vivid dreams. It’s very simple and easy, but does have to be done with WBTB, with early morning REM. Good luck!