i think i have dream ADD lmao

in rl my jeep is always breaking down and causing me problems but i always find a way to get me by long enough to get me home or whatever, so it seem normal for me to dream about the thing, but while i was dreaming i was driving it the battery starts do die. and it shuts off on me, so i try to push start it (like ive had to do in rl) but i start to notice its not as hard to push. then i look down and im on a mini bike that wont start. so i continue to push start it. and next thing i know blink of an eye im at school(ive been out of school for a couple years now) and thats all i can remember.

Well that seems a pretty normal dream to me, seeing the RL reasons.
Dreaming of school after you’ve finished it is also a very common dream theme, and I guess you could easily use it as a dreamsign :wink:

i just used that type of technique yesterday but in a little differenr way, i almost had the dc turned into a sg. but when i relised it was someone in rl that i wouldnt want to be in every ld. i changed things up and lost the ld.