I think i have priceless info on LDing for all of you.......

If you dont want to read all this invaluble information, please at least read the problem i have at the bottom.

I havent posted here for a long time, but since then my life has changed beyond anything i could dream of.
i couldnt put into words all thats happened of course, so ill just say that ive become extremely spiritually enlightened.

but what im trying to say is that ive been able to achieve lds much easier now and make them the exact same as regular reality. in these lds, my mind focus and thought is the exact same as my waking state.
basically, im still not sure if im having lds or if im astral projecting in some way.
let me tell you what i do…
basically, whenever i lay down and close my eyes, i have the chance to enter an ld right away. i dont know how many of you can do this, but id really like to know if u can.

i dont wait a few hours and then wake up and then WILD, instead i WILD right after i close my eyes.
to some of you it might seem like that seems hard, but im here to tell you that even if u dont jump straight into a dream and u cant fall asleep cuz ur not sleepy enought to do that, it doesnt matter. doing this will still induce u to become lucid later in ur sleep. If you want to have like 10 lds every day, all you have to do is practice WILD every single time you close your eyes. i PROMISE that if you do this, eventually u will become lucid without even trying, and wilding becomes easier.

but let me tell you what ive discovered: there are 2 types of lucid dreams. one is the type where u first have a real dream, and then u become lucid by dream signs. these lds are the worst for me because they are real sometimes, but not nearly as real as true reality.
the other type is the one where there is very little time between when you were awake and when you entered the dream. this can only b done by WILDing. these dream types ive discovered are almost like astral projection because if you just open you eyes at the right time, you will be in your bedroom but in your astral body. these types of dreams will always be almost exacly as real as reality, but they are very hard to do. i myself have them only sometimes, but i realize that i could become as good as it as i want.

there is no reason why you cant ld only a few minutes after you lay down and close your eyes anytime in the day.

ive been doing this with great success, but, once in a while i get unbelievable results.
whenever i go to bed and wild right away and i do it well enough where i get to the point wherei might see HI or i just feel like its the right time, i try to open my eyes.

this is the important part. for me, 99 percent of the time i open my eyes its a dream, but to any other person, i could guarentee that it is so realistic they would beleive it. theyd just b like o crap i woke up and messed it up. they might even do a dream check, but i bet it would fail in this type of ld. i then try to move but im paralyzed. thats when i have to struggle for plenty of time to get out of my body, and thats one example of waht i mean when i said that it seems like its astral and not lucid.

this is what happens: i appear right next to my bedside, EVERY single time i WILD straight into a dream. this consistency is so special to me, because it truely feels like i astral projected right outta my bed. but thats only the beginning.

the first thing i notice when i am lucid is that my room and my house is exacly as it would be if i was awake. its night outside, my parents are sleeping, the house is all dark, this is how it is every time. you might say that this is because that is what my mind would think id be like, but i think there is some sort of connection.

what i also notice is that it is completely real. i look at my hands and ill see my finger prints, there is no blurryness, ALL FEELING is completely real, and my mind is completely clear and at full power.

i then notice that the real world around me is very realistic in other ways too. its extremely hard to break windows in these dreams. i go outside, and if its the right time of year, AND im lding in the morning, there will be dew on the grass, and my bare feet will fully feel it.

heres my problem: these lds are almost too real. i cant change the reality at all almost. i want to go on adventures and stuff, but im only at my freaking house, i usually have to drive a car to go somewhere but that messes things up. i can never make things materialize, its too hard. teleportation usually messes things up.

but, i have one more thing to say. if you try, you can try to exert inner energy in lds, and you can use it do do crazy stuff.
like i was flying, but it was slow. i wanted to leave my house and go far, so i started really trying to get energy and stuff, and i imagined the power propelling me the speed of light, and sure enough i was blasted like astral prjection over miles, but it was too fast for me to comprehend so it got messed up. but im sure if i tried harder it could work.

if what you say is true then i would say its pretty unique… i dont believe every person is able to do this, i believe this is rather rare…

one thing that seems weird to me is that a normal person sleeps about 5 hours before you get to the dream stadium of sleep… as a matter of fact what you are explaining here doesent even seem like a dream… because you say you “wake up” in the dream at the same location in every dream… dreams are unpredictable… and you say you fall into the dream just after you close your eyes, does that mean your body falls asleep in mere seconds after you close your eyes? this is very interesting…

maybe you just wake up an RL and think you’re dreaming?
How did you verify that it was infact a dream?

That’s called Sleep Paralysis (SP) and if you experience I think you’re not in a dream.

I was under the impression that you started your first REM cycle over an hour after falling asleep and then 4-5 hours after that. Not right away as soon as you close your eyes.

You must be quite “unique” then.

Also, why would you want your LD’s to be like reality? I’ve heard a few people say that on this site, and I dont understand. I love LDing because it ISNT reality and you can do whatever you want. And I love the fact that you have conciousness but it doesnt feel like real life. Almost feels like a drug. Thats why I love LDing. If they were like real life, why dont u just wake up and live your life instead of tryin to make your dreams real life as well.

It is indeed, pretty rare, but I believe it is possible for some natural LDer…


WILD, indeed.

I don’t agree with your first sentence. In most of my LDs I also just “wake up” in my bed, then get up, and jump by the window and enjoy the LD. Sometimes, I wake up in SP state, and enter the dream by struggling with my body, the room is extremely realistic and all, but I still don’t believe it has anything to do with astral body or such…

Also they’re not automatically the most realistic ones. The most relaistic in every way possible ( touch, sight, … ) was in a DILD…

With that i totally agree. :content: I also think you can enter REM phase very early in the stages of sleep, even right away…

As electron said, it is SP. I don’t think it has any connections with astral.

I personnally don’t think it is possible, but you can always try to test yourself by trying to see something and verify the next morning if what you saw was real. :smile: Then you can testify it was more than just a dream.

This doesn’t prove it is something else than a dream, most of LDer say they have tremendous feeling of reality in their dreams.

Same as above, the difficulty of going trhough windows or wall is something very common, as is the realism of touching feeling…

What is really impressive LucidLover, is the progress you made in two years. I’m astonished. That’s really great! :good:

As you feel that the environment you dream into is real, I think you should verify this by searching new information or doing some experiments. Thus you would know if this is a strange experience or if it’s just lucid dreaming.

I’ve reread your previous posts. I’ve the feeling that you developped your own lucid beliefs. At a moment when you couldn’t control easily things, you decided to act like if the environment was real. You decided to enhance the “real side” of LD’ing thus it seems normal that your dreams are very realistic now.

Then, as you couldn’t change anything in your dreams, you had to invent this “inner energy” stuff to control things. It’s just my opinion, I think dreams are made of beliefs and that you developped this realistic beliefs about dreams. That’s why it would be interesting to verify if you can perceive the real world or not.

And about what I’ve read about REM sleep above: you are not in REM sleep when you WILD while just going to bed. Robert Monroe has been mesured in modified Sleep Phase 1. “Mrs Z.” has been mesured in modified Sleep Phase 2 while WILD’ing. Florence Ghibellini has been mesured in Sleep Phase 1 while WILD’ing. You don’t need to be in REM sleep to WILD. That’s all.

thanks for all ur posts, u guys can relate really good to this stuff.

i myself dont really try to incorporate beliefs. its just that i notice that the state im in where i can open my eyes and be in a dream is a state that of course you all know of, youve all experienced plenty of times while doing a wild, but its also the state used by many people to enter the astral world.

if youve read about astral projection, youd notice that this is the state where you can make your self enter the astral world by trying to make your soul jump out of your body. the difference between that(which is real astral prjection, or an OBE), and what i do is that instead of making my soul jump out while my eyes are closed, i do it after i open them. this obviously takes all the possibility of actually leaving ur body completely like in astral projection, but what it does do is create a awsome ld!

some of you say that you dont like ur lds to b so real, but ive gotta tell you, ive experienced many types of lds, and theyve all blown me away with fun, but being in these types that only wilds can induce for me most of the time give me a feeling way beyond those ones.

i said that it feels like i have less control, but i have to say that this is not a bad thing. when i said i had a problem it wasnt that its too real, i worded it wrong. it only means that i have sooo much room to improve in this unbelievably stable ld world.

just think about it! i can do anything in these lds that i can do in other lds, but its just way more real, and my awareness and mind focus and everything only helps me be able to do more.

i dont have these types that often, its only when im not lazy cuz, ill tell you, it is possible to enter a ld within an hour of sleep, but it is really hard to have the will to want to focus your eyes and mind and at the same time relax your body for so long.
but, when i am really sleepy or am taking a nap in the day, i can enter a ld within minutes. just think about it, if you lay 100 percent relaxed, and your mind is clear and focused, and you dont move a muscle, how long is it gonna take for your body to shut down?

the only problem i have is that the only time i have these super real dreams is only when i appear right next to my bedside. im not a cool place with cool stuff and people, its late at night at my house! but all i have to do is practice teleportation and materializtion to get the full benefits of these.
ive never ventured very far from my body in these lds, and i dont have these that often, but im now gonna try do do it more often and really try to get these techniques down.
also, i just read on thsee forums yesturday that you should rub ur hands when ur dream is fading, but i never actually did it when it was fading, i only have done it when i just was paranoid that it might end soon.
i think that now im going to be able to make my dreams as long as i want, leaving me lots of time to practice this stuff.

also, i wouldnt give these lds for any other type, because not only is sight and mind extremely real, but my feeling is totally there. my body is fully intact, i could tie my shoe laces!