I think I might be done with LDing for good.

It seems like every time I get on a roll with LDing, I get to a point where my dreams become overwhelmingly scary. I would compare them to near death dreams. Last week, I had a night full of them. In one dream Im at a banquet, with lots of people, but I see three people in caskets lined up on the back wall. I loose my appetite, and go into a back room, where I see another old man in a casket. He has a plad shirt on, and black rimed glasses. I noticed the man was moving, and he got up out of his casket. Then we sit down at a tabale, and began talking. The old man has now changed into a friend of mine, and he is talking about how life is mundane, and that he cant to die. I tell him that life isnt so dull, and there are plenty of things to do. I explaine to him about LDing, and we are doing RCs (but Im not lucid). After that I had another dream about how “Books of the dead” were written by spirits, and the writing just apears in the book. There was another dream allso the same night, but its to long… I hate this, because I have a nagging ass feeling that I might not have long to live, and my dreams are preparing me for death. What can I do? I cant stop thinking about dying.

how are things going to be better if you stop LDing? It seems like you have some unresolved conflicts in life, and believe me… LDing could be a perfect way to try and dig deeper into what these problems are. Don’t give up now!

dreams are very rarely pre-cog
Something has caused you to have a few dreams about death and now you are focused on them you are getting a lot more.

The good thing is sooner or later, you will be having one of these dreams and you will think “It’s one of those dreams again!” and you will become instantly lucid! (This has happened to me due to the frequent dreams I had with my husband in them). Then you could either explore why you are having these dreams or just use your LD control to change the dream.

Your right, I was pretty close to being lucid in the one dream, I could never figure out how its possible to do a bunch of RCs, and talk about LDing, and not become lucid. I think the dream was actualy wanting me to become lucid.

Kavaa :hugs:

I wish I could help you overcome your fears over the internet, but aiming at that would be pretentious and pedant of me. I won’t say your fear is unjustified, but I’d like to ask you to look at this situation from a different point of view: what if, instead of fearing because you have dreams, you’re actualy having dreams because of a previous fear?

In that sense, your dreams wouldn’t be preparing you to an imminent death, but rather reflecting a (rational or irrational) fear of dying that you’ve learnt to accept and feed over the time. I ask you to look at things that way because I can relate to what you’re telling us.

Since 2003 I’ve had a series of pretty powerful, violent nightmares. I’ve talked to Death, the grim reaper herself, in several of my dreams. So I know how lost you must feel, afraid and insecure, powerless. If you accept your dreams as truth, as precognitions of a near future, Kavaa, there will be nothing you can do. The only conclusion you’ll be able to draw is that your death is impending, imminent. If you, on the other hand, try to look for the fear you have—then you might be able to stop those nightmares.

That’s what self–healing is about. I can’t really give you recommendations on what to do, because self–healing is a personal quest, a journey that differs for everyone. In my case, what I did was starting to try to remember my dreams even better, and keep record of them all, no matter how small or fragmented my recall had been. I started trying to interpret them.

For that I bought a symbol dictionary, but most of the interpretation I did didn’t really have to do with it—I rather started looking for recurring themes and possible ways of interpreting them. I could PM you a very recent interpretation I posted in my SeaLife dreamteam, so you can have a clearer idea of what I’m talking about.

I also started practising meditation, and for that I reserved a daily time in which no–one was to bother me and I would do nothing else. There are actually several ways of meditating, and the practise of meditation is very enriching to one’s soul (whatever the sense you give to the word soul). Try to, during your meditation, rethink your habits, review what you said that day, how you reacted to thinks.

Wonder if your natural way of reacting to stuff is really the only one, and if it really reflects your way of thinking and being. Review your dreams, your fears, your thoughts. All of that that you’ve learned though your life to automatically filter, categorize and respond to, if you start meditating, you’ll take over all those things again.

However, as we’ve been discussing in the Philosopher’s Cloud the other day, that will drive you overtheoretical for a few days, and it will take you more time to do the simple things at first. Really, it won’t be as easy to lead your everyday life for a week or maybe a month, but the feeling will be great, I can assure you of that. And after a while you’ll be on automatic agai, the point of that is just that some of your long–lasting filters and policies that have become prejudicial to you will be dropped in the process, it’s like cleaning your soul (I hope you understand the metaphor).

Another thing I did that you might like to do was to keep a journal. But not a “Dear diary, today I—” kind of journal. It was rather a notebook in which I wrote down thoughts. If I noticed I firmly believed in something, I tried to write down why was that so. Believe me, that does wonders to you. Self–knowledge, helps you change and improove yourself.

But anyways, that’s what I did. You might find that, to overcome your fears, it’s better to do something else. Who knows. If you’re not sure about all this, you should see a therapist. Don’t be afraid of them, or embarrassed. These people are trained to help you with your fears, and they know better than I or pretty much anyone in this forum how to help you with that.

I just ask you to hear me when I tell you to calm down about your dreams. They’re not going to kill you, and if you walk away from them, you’re accepting your fear and letting it take over your life and control you. Feel free to walk away (for a while or forever) from lucid dreaming, but value your dreams nonetheless. They’re one of the most important features in you.

I hope I could help you. If you need anything, or want to discuss anything I said here, please feel free to drop a reply or send me a PM. And good luck with your quest for self–healing, if you choose to start that journey.

But above all, the best thing I can give you with this post is this piece of advice: fear not. Don’t let it overcome your wants and needs, your likes and dislikes, don’t let fear take over you. That’s really damaging and destructive. Face your fears with reason and will, and take back your life from it.

That’s it. I really really hope some of this helped.

—Bruno :bruno:

Thanks Bruno, that post realy did help, I think I know what brought on these dreams, Ive been using LDing to practice, or to get ready for death. Much like Tibetan dream yoga. I think it just gets to a point where I do confront my fears of dying in my dreams, and I hope that it is natrual to come to that point. Ive been wanting to read the Tibetan book of the dead. Allthough I dont think it would do much good, it seems hard to understand. I just creeped myself out. If its true I would love to keep practcing LDing to maybie brake the cycle of life, and death. I dont know. Man I want to talk more, about this, but Im running late. Please add anything you know about TDY… Got to run, talk to you latter.

Well, I don’t know much about Dream Yoga—to be honest, I’ve only heard of it. But I’m now definately interested in that. And well, as to your purposes, I do have some Death and dreams experience, so to speak. :tongue: I can fetch you some dreams from my diary if you’re interested.

Okay, let’s see. If you really think those dreams are preparing you for death, shouldn’t you pay more attention to them and not try to avoid them? I mean. I would like to die not surprised and unprepared for it but informed and calm. Now, I seriously doubt that is what’s going on with you. But if it actually was the case, wich would be fascinating but tragic, it would be better to let the dreams prepare you. You said you were using ld for practise and to get ready for death. Didn’t you get your wish in that case?

I think I just paniced, Im not done with LDing. It was just a series of really creepy dreams. I may not be strong enough to use LDing for death preperation. Does anyone else use it for that?

Have you read the ‘book of the dead’? Either the tibetan och egyptian one or other? Could be an idea. I haven’t read more than a few bits from the two i mentioned. However I know that the Tibetan one says to be unafraid and face the images. This is ofcourse easier said than done. So if you practise it in lucid dreams, to not let these things scare you, you’ll be better off. Because it will only take practise. I don’t use lucid draming for it. It could be an interesting experiment but I don’t believe in it. I do believe in some experience at death and that it could be worthwhile though.