I think i might die soon

Sure you can sit there and tell me that im not and its prolly just a coincidence. Well i had a dream i went to heaven and was lik hanging out and talkin to God he was showin me around and answering my questions about the universe and stuff cus i was a new guy and i dint really know anything (if your one of those people that honestly believe dreams are supernatural things sorry but i forgot most of the answers he gave me, except i do remember him sayin he dont care if we swear as long as it aint directed at him or another person. O and they had these cool rooms in heaven each person had thier own and when you went in it you could visit any of ur favorite places on earth and watch ur friends and family) anyway so i look up in this dream interpetations book to see wut it means to dream about talking to God and stuff thinkin it was gonna be good. I was wrong. aparently most dreams about going to heaven and that kinda stuff is bad. This is from the book “If God speaks to you,…It is the forerunner of the weakening of health and may mean early dissolution(death)” So ofcourse i thought it was just a coincedence. After that i started lookin up all my dreams meanings and other than ones about screwin hot girls all my dreams had sum bad meaning relating to them. Hopefuly more coincidences. Then in RL i started having crows following me around. And if you heard the myth surrounding crows or wutever they are the bird of death. I mean every1 where i go one usually appears on a lamp post right above me and starts *callin right when im under neath. They are everywhere i go. I wake up in the morning and there are lik 5 crows in my back yard and i look in all the neighbors…non there are no crows anywhere else except in my backyard. So if ur a believer in the supernatural stuff. Pray for me or sumin. And if ur not and i do die imma be mad. lol

Can’t you leave a message to a friend so that he can use your login and post here if you dies.
I will send morpich fields of positivity your way so if you lives it will help you be happy and if you die it will help you make a clean cut into the other world :wink:

I dont thik there is a heaven, I think when we die we siwm in our mind and dreams and never know if where actually dead.(Something like Waking Life)

thanx nutella. i do have an online friend that i talk to everyday so ill tell him to post sumin on here if i ever stop commin on for no reason at all. Hubbs if ur right about there not being a heaven then i also hope ur right about living eternity in a dream world thats prolly the next best thing.

I had dream about death few weeks ago too.

I was dancing with grim reaper (or maybe trying to evade him) in black void. We were like floating around ourselves and i remember there were other shadows too. And when i woked up i could see that shadowy reaper still in left corner of my vision for few secs. He/she/it sayed few times “It’s time soon” and then disappeared. I felt peaceful after that.

So i guess theres no need to fear youre going to die just because you went into heaven in your dream or you like to screw hot ladies… Don’t take those dream interpetations so seriously.

A very close friend of mine for about 6-7 years dreamt that he was going to die on January 23rd last year. He would describe the room in detail and was very convinced of its prophecy. I spent the entire day with him & sure enough when the clock hit 12:01, he didn’t even have a cold.
Poor guy - he spent so much of his life terrified of this one little day, all for nothing.
Just to be safe, though, tell you’re close friends so that they can watch your back for awhile. :wink:

Good point, i like that Meow!

What happens when people die is not something anyone can foresee while still alive. However, I don’t think it’s possible to be given any details about your own death from supernatural sources.

Still, if you belive you’re going to die at a certain time, maybe you will :grin:

After all, you can do anything if you set your mind to it.

Don’t revolve your life around this ‘prophecy’. If it happens, it happens. It will to everyone. Live your life to the best always. I doubt you’re going to die. Get a camera, document the crows flying around, write a book, whatever.

First of all, the crows and stuff sounds like a coincidence. Secondly, dont listen to the things written in dream dictionaries. They are dumb. You are the only one who can interpret your dreams.

I died…lol jk im still here.

Well i still hear the crows calling and now lik 2-3 times a month the doorbell will ring but theres no1 in sight, i feel lik ad idiot running around the side of my house tryin to see who did it. but anyway i think im safe for the time being. i dont think i really care if i die or not. i ust dont wat it to happen lik right b4 sumin great is about to happen that would suck. well ill ttyl guys.

When a person very much anticipates an event, they can create the sound in their mind. Once when I was home alone I could have SWORN that there was someone downstairs - but alas, just my imagination. Are you perhaps vacuuming or running the bath when this happens…or maybe you have a silly neighbor that reads these forums & is messing with you j/k Anyway, I’m glad you’re still kicking :flower:

my sis heard it too whic eliminates the imaginative possiblity an its normmally quiet in the house cus it aint very loud i woldnt have heard it i sumi was on. and i have no annoyin neighbors that would d it especialy during the day. Th anticipation thing u said was neat though i never experienced it.

You have to see this…



Crows are not bringers of death, it’s a common mistake. They are however harbingers, they take life onto the next place. HOWEVER, they can also bring life to this one.

So although generally seen as a bad sign it could quite simply be a birth that’s comming not a death. Though the fact they follow you is a rather worrying thing.

Take care and don’t do anything too dangerous.

// i meant to add that there is another possibility. It’s possible that they are your “animal” guide, most people believe they have spirit guides and many others claim we have animal spirit guides as well. I am one of these people.

So from my point of view it could also be a sign from an animal guide who is a crow or raven (often mistaken as they look alike) - i know my animal guides are Eagles and Wolves (imparticulalry a White wolf) if you are able to willing induce LD or something similar you should try contacting your animal guide.

yeah dont worry about it. its just another dream like any other however the content is a little more perplexing. as for the crows, i’m sure they were around you before the dream and you just didn’t notice them until now. the powe of suggestion is very powerful. dont give in, and besides if you do die, you get to go to heaven (if you were good hehe) and whats so bad about that?

curious if anything actually happened after this dream.

since you’re still posting i can take it as a sign your still with us… :happy: :wink:

1 more year of life since Dark Matter’s last post! :cool_laugh:

I remember I had a dream where I was talking to “god”, and he said I would die in 1.5 weeks. I didn’t :content:

haha i remember when i made this post, long time ago. i havent seen it in forever. awell i guess i wasn’t gonna die, but now i get the feeling that i can’t die. Like im protected until i accomplish my purpose in life or wutever. No harm has come to me that wasnt my own fault. I sideswiped a bus and totaled my car last semester and i dint recieve a scratch (neither did the bus that freakin tank). I jumped out of a few pine trees and did some shopping cart rides into bushes. no serious injuries there. Snowboarding i just have a swellbow but thats my fault. and a good thing i bought a helmut. ive never broken a bone in my life (w/ all the stupid stuff i do). My cousin who is my age recently died a few weeks ago, it was a really tragic thing. fell asleep at the wheel after he spent the night working on a school project. horrible… I went without sleep for 64 hours when i did night shifts making a movie and i never once fell asleep at the wheel or came close. i dunno how i could go for 64 hours and not have that happen but its weird. sum1 up there must like me and want me to do sumin so i better go figure it out now. lol im rambling again sorry folks. peace!