i think i might of had LD's

I’ve read about people saying they “realized” their dreaming. Does that meen your in a lucid dream? Because i’ve had many situations before knowing about this site where i knew i was dreaming, but i didn’t know the tips to stay in the lucid state. I would sometimes get something for free like a PS2, then realized that its just a dream so i get all pissed off, does that meen whenever this happened i could of had a chance to maintain my lucid dream? Another thing, for the section about signs i read about being paralysed in your sleep and having a scary person approach you. I was thinking about if that happened to me and how badly it would destroy me :smile:. I’ve had very scary experiences with this kind of stuff and thank God that they stopped, but thinking about this kind of stuff would just ruin me literally. Are there any tips that someone can please give me to overcome this, and prevent it from happening? Because i would really love to have a Lucid Dream.

Thanks alot! any opinion will help :happy:

Congratulations! You are what they call a ‘natural’! Don’t try to wake up from your LD, but try to get control of things and have fun!

Waking up in SP is very scary, but if I was you, I would try to overcome the fear; try to read some things about this! It is a gate to various states of mind, like ou-of-body experiences and LD’s.

Have fun LDing!