I think I need to change my WBTB technique!

:help: So, I am struggling with fatigue regarding my WBTB technique. What I do is try to wake up and write down any dreams I wake-up from, then transcribe them into my “official” journal later during the day. As this proves difficult (because, in all honesty, who wants to write in the middle of the night, I have ordered a cheap voice recorder.)

That said, step two is getting up at 4am, and staying up until 4:30am, while writing down any errant dreams, then reading LD literature or dream lit in general, returning back to bed, and hoping for a lucid dream by wakeup time at 6am. Thing is, am finding it increasingly impossible to stay up at 4am. Also, likely due to my nighttime journaling, it is even harder now to get up at 6am; which in turn, limits my get-ready for work routine.

Any ideas? Even if non-WBTB techniques? I try to use dreams, and especially lucid dreams, to receive messages and for spirituality (a-la Robert Moss style) and so I am getting discouraged that I may be sabatoging (sp?) my own progress in this area.

Any ideas or suggestions will be greatly appreciated!!!

You don’t need to get out of bed for WBTB. You can just lay in your bed, do some MILD maybe, and go back to sleep a few minutes later so you’ll get more sleep.

You are doing WBTB for 30 minutes, as I see. Well, why don’t you try 5-10 minutes? WBTB works differently for everyone. That should allow you to sleep normally, I guess. I never did WBTB for a half hour, that is simply too much and gets me too awake for WILD’ing. Lately I’ve been doing no WBTB at all, and I have been successful.

Thanks for the reply, you guys. I think I will try to do both techniques. (The 5-10min in bed, and the stay up for 5-10min.) I guess I was being to hard on myself and too rigid in my thinking. (and therefore decreasing my chances of lucidity as I already thought I’d done the technique “wrong”!) Maybe cutting myself some slack will work wonders.

This is very helpful. Thank you both very, very much. I feel much better now! :woo: