I think I need to kill my SG or SC

Ok, I don’t know how I’m supposed to start this. I have asked to see my SG 5 times in LDs, and each time a new person comes up. To 2 of my SGs, weird things happen. For example, my 3rd SG, who first appeared to be a nice friendly young girl, became a fragile old pale women. A similar thing happened to another.

Lately, my LDing has decreased dramatically, and i’ve been so desperate to get one, that i’ve been begging my SC to get me dreams. I feel like my SC or SG has been dominating my dreamworld and opinion. Autosuggestion never works anymore.

The way i start to think about my SC or SG is really weird. You see, i don’t beleive that i have a real SG, so i beleive that my SG is my SC. If for example, I set it my intention to have a LD where I met my crush in an LD, I never decide whether i should or not. For example, I think ‘Ok i should meet my crush, and enjoy myself’ , but then in the day I think ’ No it’s wrong.’

In the above dillema, i have never made a straight decesion, i have changed my mind every time for a week.

The other day, this is whate happened as i thought to myself:

‘since my crush in the dream will be a DC, i am not really doing anything wrong.’
‘but then again, my SC probably feels i am pushing out the fact that perhaps my SC doesn’t want this to happen’

It’s really confusing i know. Thats the problem. I feel i have misunderstood my SC and SG to the point that i have created a fake barrier to having what i want in Dreams. I thought perhaps, i need to ‘kill’ this barrier, by killing my so-called SC and SG, so that a new one can be ‘re-born’ and i can know exactly what role my SC plays in dreams and stuff.

I know this is really confusing, and beleive me i feel like a crazy person writing this. I don’t know what’s right or wrong, what i should do and what i shouldn’t. It’s really confusing, I need help. :help:

well, i think you have a problem if what you are doing in your LD’s is right or wrong for you. And you can’t decide if you feel it’s ok to meet your crush, or if it’s not.

That’s what I get from your story. I think the barrier you are describing is your own conscience, what you deep inside feel or know is right or wrong.

So, what i would suggest is to take it easy, don’t think about wether something is right or wrong, and take a goal in your next LD where you have absolutely no doubt about that it is a good thing to do. Then just enjoy that. Or just enjoy the fact of being lucid.

and yes, you could maybe summon that part of yourself that you feel is holding you back or making things difficult for you, but i think it’s really a matter of feeling at peace with yourself, with who you are. So my suggestion for you right now would be : let it be, let it go, and don’t worry about this for a while because you are making it hard on yourself.

Try to find a thing to do in your LD that you enjoy and don’t have any doubts about wether it is right or wrong and go from there.

/me gives wissam a big hug :hugs:

Don’t beg for LD’s, instead say you will have them. Autosuggestion in the forms of hope/begging will often not arrive well at your subconscious. Also by stating now that autosuggestion never works anymore, it won’t work anywhere soon either. You’re expecting it won’t work and therefore it won’t work anymore.

You told me a little while ago that you were lazy in recording your dreams lately. What if you start that again? Just record your dreams again and make time for it. LDing is not only about the lucid dream techniques but also about the dream recall. I’m sure you already knew that and used it in the past. Don’t focus too much on Lucid Dreams; I know you can have a lot of fun in normal dreams too. I’ve seen it in your dreams.

It can be that the person you searched for represents your SC, or something from it, but I don’t think it is your SC. Look at the definition it gives when you scroll over it. Subconscious - concerning the part of the mind of which one is not fully aware but which influence one’s actions and feelings. The way you talk about SC you seem to talk about someone, while your SC is your subconscious and not actually a person.

I know you don’t believe in a SG, maybe that could even be a reason why your SG appears as different persons, because you don’t believe in it. While calling for a SG, someone who you don’t believe in appears. Maybe you should start to look for a good name for your SG, not SC not SG, but a name of your own. Ask your inner self for ideas, think about it and try to think of a good name. Good luck :content:

The way you talk about the crush thing seems like a part of you (maybe your ‘lust’ self) does want to meet your crush in dreams and enjoy yourself and another part (your ‘wiser’ self) not. Make one decision and don’t come back to it. How much the other part of you wants it, don’t listen to it. Be clear for once, maybe that gives some peace, because at least you made a decision. It may not be the best one, but I don’t think any is right or wrong. Make a decision and stick yourself to it. That’s the best advice I can give you.

You think you found the problem and the solution, so you’re pretty much on the right track right? You’re the best person to find out what it means. If you think ‘killing’ your “SG/SC” is the best thing to do. Then do that. But don’t expect you know exactly what role your SC plays in dreams and stuff. After all it is the part of you where you’re not fully aware of. Ask people about their SGs and see if they exactly know what role their SG plays in dreams and stuff. I think probably nobody knows exactly… but maybe that’s just me…

Did you ever meditate? Maybe it is a good idea to do that now; it might give you a little peace. You sound very confused and all. I don’t say you should do everything I said, I mean I can only judge the situation on what you say and even then it’s your decision. Don’t listen exactly to me, I’m not someone who can exactly say what everything is. You may find some things ridicule, then don’t listen to it. If you want to talk, you know where you can find me :hugs:

I think you can be wrong here.
You are the master in your own dreams, not your SG. Make it that way. :smile:

:open_mouth: You could be right! I never thought of it like that. All this time i thought it was my SC when it was actually my undecided self.

Thats just it! I’m sick of enjoying just being lucid. I used to be able to accomplish such fun stuff using Autosuggestion. I have like 10 diffrent goals really interesting ideas that i would want to do, but Autosuggestion hasn’t been going pretty well. However, i guess i am asking too much, without doing something about it. I need to start writing in my DJ again, and go back to doing RCs. So hopefully, when i’m feeling a bit more confident, I will do exactly what you said. Wow i feel more confident already. Another Idea which you just gave me, was to set a Long-term goal, instead of randomly lying in bed thinking ’ i will get a LD’

I’ve been having a couple of bumps in my LDs, even simple things, like flying doesn’t work that well. But I just realised it’s because of confidence. I can’t beleive it. It just hit me…Confidence. I never mentioned this here, but i’ve been having horrible powerless LDs since September 2006. And all this time, i thought of excuses such as 'My SC doesn’t want me to have LDs and stuf" And i just understood, that i was so far off, it’s because i stopped doing Rcs and techniques to Induce LDS that i stopped beleiving it would probably work. Wow, thanks pasQuale.

:bored: Your right. You make sense, i can’t beleive i’ve been so blind all this time. I’ve interpreted everything in a wrong way,always blaming my SC and stuff like that.

Your right, I just realised.

Funny, Bruno said the same thing. This part is hard. I don’t know what to call my made up SG/SC. The only reason i went to my SG, was because i felt it was part of my SC, and therefore i got proper answers about things, which i did in fact get. (One of my “SGs” told me to stop lying, when i asked for advice. I had indeed been lying a bit more than i wanted to.)

Does this mean, that my made up SG will no longer give me proper advice, and act like an ignorant DC? It’s stuff like that, that i don’t understand.

I know that thats the best thing to do, and this will also be hard.

i wouldn’t know what to do when meditating and what to expect. (I have never meditated before) :bored:

I guess your right. It’s just that sometimes I hear this voice in my head that doubts something when i use autosuggestion to get a goal. Example :

‘I will get a LD where i transform into an Animal’
small voice : ‘What if it won’t work properly?’
‘NO…It will work’
Whenever i think like that, i always feel that by brushing aside the thought that autosuggestion could fail, i am placing this thought into my SC and therefore it won’t work.

I know it’s weird that i think like this. Does anyone, know what to do ?

Thanks pasQuale & Sashinka and Picculum. I really do appreciate it, sadly the problem is yet unsolved. I’ve got a bit of questions above, and whoever reads what i’ve written and replies…wow i would really appreciate that. All comments are accepted.

Autosuggestion works by repetition, and building confidence. You start with small things and work your way up to harder things. When you begin to doubt, it does’t work as well.
It sounds like you are having some problems in your love life that causes doubt, and reduces your self confidence. This is quite normal, but I admit, not fun. It also makes autosuggestion more difficult. Don’t give up, you will get past this and your autosuggestion will start working again. It might take a while, but it will happen.
Meditation can help. It does not matter if you don’t know anything about it. Nobody starts out knowing anything about anything. :grin: Even the best have to start with nothing. There are lots of web pages about meditation, just do a google search on it. Meditation can also help with LD’s. It helps you to become more in touch with the world around you, so it is easyer to become aware that you are dreaming.