I think I was lucid, just need some clarification

A few nights ago, I am quite sure I had a LD. I was in a classroom with ex-gf(I dream about her a lot) Anyway, without warning, I feel this state of euphoria and (accomplishment?) Anyway, I thought to myself I think I’m lucid… Sweet. Then I woke up, but when I awoke I still had that wonderful feeling. I would like to know if I was actually lucid, or just semi-lucid. By the way, I’ve been going at this for just over a month, and almost always remember at least 2 dreams, often with great detial.

Yes it was lucid. YOu knew that you were dreaming. Try and keep calm when you become lucid in your next dream. It’ll prevent you from waking up prematurely.

Yup, if you thought to yourself, “i’m lucid” that means you were. Yeah, your feeling quite often carry through from your dreams, its good :smile: .

Thanks everyone!

hey Grizzled :slight_smile:

Yep i agree with evry1 here that u were indeed Lucid! Congrats! :wink:

Good luck on all your future LDs :slight_smile: