I think Im cursed... 5 traffic tickets in 6 months is crazy

Actually if you count the exceleration charge which is where you get a ticket for getting two traffic tickets in 6 months or less, but the judge dropped that one. I got two speeding tickets on a speed trap where its 45 miles per hour for about 100 yards, then drops down to 35. Then I get a expired tag ticket, then I get pulled agine for expired tag, and no insurance. I couldnt get insurance or my tag,because I was paying all these damn ticketss. They had a story in the news about how alot of towns in Oklahoma were pulling over too many people. Isnt that alot of tickets?

Can’t you catch public transport? Seriously, be careful, or they’ll revoke your licence. Get a loan to help you pay for the tag/insurance.

That doesn’t sound like a good situation you’re in Kavaa :no:

I was pulled over by a police officer once, it was scary :eek:
Still, I’m glad it happened the way it did - I had run a red light and wasn’t paying attention. When the officer told me what I had done I had no idea what I’d done wrong (that’s how little attention i was paying I guess), so I was pretty surprised. I never got a ticket, just a warning, but ever since then I’ve been a much, much more attentive driver.
So, I suppose when this stuff happens you just have to try to learn from the situation :yes:

Its a exspencive lesson.

I can sympathize with you man, the police here in florida are determined to write as many tickets as possible (at least that’s what it seems like). I haven’t gotten any tickets yet (I know their usual hangouts) but I have had a warning or two. It also seems like the police around here have a serious attitude, they pulled me over with two of their SUV’s and wanted to look over all my paperwork and ID, the reason? A burned out ‘tag light’. At the very least he could’ve had enough manners to refrain from throwing his weight around and acting like a jerk. :meh:

Well, here in norway we have these speed-control boxes that see if you drive to fast and takes a photo if you do :meh:

Drove with my mom some time ago, we saw a flashing red light.,., When I asked what it was she sais she hoped me and my brother didnt noticed hehe.

And that speed trap kavaa :meh: sucks big time :sad: they should make that little piece if 45 to 35 maybe ?

I have always wondered about the whole attitude that some cops seem to carry around with them. Perhaps it is a combination of being in a position of power/responsibility and the way people, especially young adults tend to treat them.

A friend of mine got in trouble with a freaking KING (as in monarch) from a country he visited for speeding.

Turns out the camera was pointed the wrong so rather than catching the front with a face view, they got a rear view with a dog in it. The German police (where he lives) advised him not to pay it since they couldn’t prove it was him.

Next thing he knows the King is requesting his pressence back in the country (I forget where) the ticket was issued from. He never posted a follow up on that, often wondered how it ended.

Speed traps are how the police force make their money and not paying up means you risk prison not just a revoked license. So becareful, just because that piece is 45 before a 35 doesn’t mean you have to drive at 45 :tongue:

People assing off when they get power is nothing new.

Can also be found in schools :meh: