I think I'm getting my lucidity back...

I have been having a dryspell for a pretty long time this year, and until recently my last lucid dream was this one I had sometime in May or June.
Anyway, now I have paid a lot of attention to lucid dreaming in general and I always have it on my mind, and I have seriously been dreaming about the topic almost every single night for several weeks now;
and I actually believe my last couple dreams could have been lucid dreams.
I remember from yesterday night that I started playing around with trying to make things change by looking away and looking back, and I remember feeling pretty thrilled when I noticed that I could indeed do that - I got a certain rush out of it and realized that this must mean something very important, but I can’t clearly remember what I thought it was - but most likely that it was a dream.
This last night I also had several dreams in a row where I bragged to some dream characters that I could fly and soar in midair, “because I was at some specific kind of place”, and I believe that I again realized it was a dream;
I did in any case have some form of realization.
Funny enough, I also had a similar dream right after that when I assumed I was awake and told my little brother in the dream that “in dreams, I usually feel my jumps are much softer and slower, and I can will myself to stay in the air for a much longer time”.
Then I tried out a jump and now it suddenly felt like jumping in real life.

In any case, I feel very excited about this, because this must mean I have been lucid to some degree or at the very least been extremely close to it. :content:

What do you think about this?