I think im going to give up.

I have tried WILD alot, WBTB, and I have tried those 2 together many times each.

Nothing works, my hands and feet will be numb but I can still move them, and either I am completely awake or start to dream and cant remember im dreaming.

When im sitting there trying it just seems so worthless and feels like its impossible.

hey man, don’t give up just because it didn’t happen for you yet. I have actually tryed lucid dreaming for a WHILLLLLE and I still never had one. But the thing with lucid dreaming is, you really can’t want it too much. You kind of have to look at it like, Each night you try to lucid dream and then you wake up then that is a step closer to you becoming lucid. Just fill your head with lucid dreaming information and do reality tests during the day, and also make sure you write down your dreams. If you do that then you will be able to lucid dream. It might not happen today, or tommorrow, or even for 2 months just dont give up.

Don’t give up, that would be silly.

I’ve tried for months and only had some lame low level lucid dreams, but i’m not giving up. In fact, i’m more determined now than ever.

Maybe try something else, like MILD, or one of the more obscure methods. (VILD, et cetra)

I keep trying too, but with no results. I would normally tell you to carry on, force yourself to, but I would then be a hypocrite: I myself have been toying with the idea of to stop trying. I’m just fed up with putting everything in and getting nothing out. And every night, thanks to lucid warp, I fully expect to get a lucid dream, I do my thing, but nothing. Maybe I’ll just try WILD again…

Don’t give up. In my opinion, WILD is one of the hardest techniques to use and research shows that, compared to other techniques, LDs are less likely to come. Try this technique. It’s called DEILD/REM surfing/chaining. I got a LD the first time I tried it.

Resolve to wake up after your dreams tonight.
Wake up after one of your dreams in the middle of the night.
Do not move. Play dead. Patiently wait for the dream to come.
Enjoy a lucid dream. When you wake up after it…
Do not move. Play dead. Wait for the dream to come back…

If that doesn’t work, take a break and relax.

Here is a link to a better explanation of a DEILD

ld4all.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t … highlight=

You’re trying too hard. LDing is easy, just let it come. IMO those methods do more harm than good, I was stuck for months too trying “everything.” When you just relax and let it be, and it does, it will be worth it. Trust me.

I had been trying EXTREMELY hard as of late to hit a state of lucidity. However, it didn’t really happen quite as I’d expected it… I had my first controlled lucid dream the other day.

I sleep late into the day because I’m one of two things: a hobo, or a hard worker. Take your pick. Anyway, I was sleeping and my dad came in to wake me as I’ve been at my parent’s the last little while. I had only slept for about 4 or 5 hours, so I was groggy as all Hell… Anyway, after waking up, I spent about 25 minutes with my dad preparing and eating breakfast, another 10 minutes of smoking. At this point, it was probably about noon. I went outside as I was smoking, took in a lot of light just for the sake of it, and headed back in to take a quick nap.

For me, as I was drifting back to sleep, the key was making sure I wasn’t forcing anything. The facts are, you WILL hit an REM cycle when you fall asleep. It’s just a matter of how long… The greatness of the WBTB method is that you instantly fall into your REM cycle, bypassing the hypnagogic state almost altogether.

Another keypoint that should be noted is that you should lay entirely motionless. What a lot of people seem to neglect while attempting a WILD method is that you shouldn’t move AT ALL. This includes very fine facial aspects, such as the mouth, tongue, and eyes.

Don’t give up, I promise that once you hit your first lucid dream, and you will, you will know that all the time you’ve spent working as hard as possible will definitely pay off.

Oh yeah, and reality checks are amazing as well. Definitely focus on reality checks while awake. Great tools…

I am, by no stretch of the imagination, a master of the lucid dream, so with that disclaimer, I hope I don’t come off as pretensious.

just take a break. Some people have great LD’s right when they stop trying and thinking about it. But dont totally give up.

Yep, thats true, I’ve had like 3 LD in my life and i got them when i had already given up from trying.
But after that i haven’t got not even 1 single freaking LD!!! I started trying again a few weeks ago and it just seems like there’s no light in the end of the tunnel you know?

Im trying that one dudes free software.

Im on day one of the “Infinity” program.

[[software] Infinity - PDF Available)

Its had 100% working percentage, so I think its something that will finnaly work for me =D.

Infinity didn’t work for me. Make that 99.99999% effective…

how can you give up anyway???learning to LD is not a job or something… think about your dreams, enjoy them, when you can explore the WILD and so on… you have no deadline you know… make it a way to spend your dream/sleep life, not your MUST DO mission that if you dont do you will die…

come on man, stop trying so much and just enjoy… you know about LDing… great… i hope you will get your LD soon… hell, i hope i will get my first LD soon… but you know… just be glad you know about it and take your time… there are many nights ahead of you…!

good luck!

dude dont give up , just take that easily XD.
all i do is RCs from time to time XD (about 5 a day when i remember to do it) and i get LD about once a week or more, just tell yourself “i want to LD tonight” and go to sleep, its not the best way to get LD but still working and very very very easy XD. and the more you think about Lucid dreaming the more chance you will get one.

take your time until your first LD. i started, and kinda gave up, though it was more i just took my time, and then had an LD, and now i want more more more!!!

Very wise words. Nothing will happen to you if you don’t LD. And come on… What else can you do when you go to sleep besides Dream/LD. Just keep trying man.