I think I'm going to try to master WILD

is anyone with me?

mastering WILD would be great… how r u going to master it??


it woud be so great!give an idea i lets try :happy:

I want to master WILD… but how? :help:

this I’m hoping to figure out through collective research i.e. your help. ^.^
I am not quite so good with LDs, but I am good with WILD. The only reason I don’t do so much is because it is scary. But I’m willing to put fear aside. I’m hoping that together we can find a method of inducing WILD so efficiently, that we will be able to post it and help people who have trouble getting off the ground. I suggest to get started, we (obviously) do WILD at night, with your own improvisation, and try to get a nap in at school like myself.

I am not exactly the most organized person, so I’m hoping this will work itself out. Are you fellas in for the experiment?

If we can master it, then…I forgot where this sentence was going.

We are the FUTURE!
Any more questions?

and by the way Hallstrom, don’t give up ^.^

I’m in too.
I can WILD well if I meditate like 20 min before bed,Then do a WBTB with a WILD about 6 hours after I go to bed.
But I don’t nap too much.
It works perfect for me.

Yes, I’m in. I’ll try my best :slight_smile:

well,i can try.But i no so good in LD and in WILD :sad:

i’m terrible in WILD. i always just end up giving up after doing an hour of it because i never fully fall asleep, but i guess i’ll help you and give this a try

yep! cool… not that i’ve had a successful WILD yet, but I’ll play around with it and report back… if we all do that and share with each other what works and doesn’t work, perhaps it will be good learning. Should be fun too!


Why not make your own technique. Just take all the parts of others that work and put them together. Thats what Bruce Lee did with martial arts.

I haven’t had great experience with WILDing, but I’ve really wanted to get into LDing again after a bit of a hiatus. WILD does seem like the best path to take, if we can get good at it.

Dreamwalker made a good point; maybe we could gather different WILD techniques and put together the ones that work.

yea i’ll definitely try to help, ive been trying WILD for a while now and only really had one successful one. I may try it tonight with the WBTB.


I’ve tried to WILD once with a technique I read in a book. I counted every exhalation i took in my head and at around 136 i felt the vibrations start to kick in. I have had the vibrations before but have lost it from not breathing or bailing or whatever but this time i kept my cool and continued breathing. I started seeing hypnagogic images of an old childhood movie with heavy vibrations, but it passed after a few seconds and i kinda gave up after that.

points to aod/pvd
Uhm…well Trung, you kinda left me behind once I got stuck at the part where I couldnt LD anymore ;( but IM with you…if I can master WILD, I can master LDs - obviously.

Could somebody give me a brief example of WILD. I’ve always wanted to try but I forgot. :tongue:

I’ll try to help as much as I can :>

After reading the tips for the aspiring dreamer topic, I have decided that I’m gonna practice WBTB each night without giving up. WILD is the first induction technique I plan to use :cool: And I’m not planning to quit this time… :wink:

aod/pvd? What is that? I don’t understand. And I haven’t given up on you, I’ve responded to all of your pms with positive outlook.

And as for WILD , for some reason, I can’t seem to even get vibes anymore. -.- Sucks.

And One Winged Angel? WILD is Wake Initiated LD. Where, you enter an LD conciouss. It is really quite fun.

Great to see you trying again daysong. Goodluck.

And Dreamwalker? Good to hear from you again. ^.^
The technique development was what I was going for.

sorry again Mimic O Distortion for whatever I did in forsaking you.

To everyone in on this, I’d like to suggest an idea.

We all take one week of wild, and report based on what we configure from there. Does that idea take your fancy? Because it seems to me reporting every day will be more random and inconsistent than through longer periods of experiment. Yes?

I was kidding. aod is a person here that has been practicing LDing for 3 years. Also goes by pvd in the chatrooms.

Ive NEVER gotten vibration in trying to WILD…EVER. Ive had the occasional ultra small spasm as a reaction to not moving, but thats as close as Ive gotten. :sad:
Im lost…what do I do after im Numb? I just sit there…waiting to go into a dream like state. Trying to push myself into a dream like state…trying to drift…etc…i just sit there…what now? :help:

The WILD technique can be so amazing and scary. Before I knew about lucid dreaming I had several scary experiences with sleep paralysis. I would wake up but still be paralyzed and see hypnagogic hallucinations in my room or feel like I was floating above my bed but couldn’t control it. The vibration part of it was almost the scariest part. Of course now I know what’s going on and it’s not scary anymore and I count myself lucky to have had the experience.

So anyway here’s what I do to induce the vibrations. First I do a relaxation exercise. I like to focus my attention on different muscle groups and tense and relax them, then tense and relax my entire body. I do that for 10 minutes or so until my body is very relaxed. Then I do what I call “thought cycling”, which is thinking about an image/sound for only about one second, then switching to a different image/sound. I noticed that as I fall asleep, just before the vibrations and paralysis set in, I would enter a pre-dream state where imagery and sound played almost at random… so I try to recreate this by thought cycling. The thought cycling is a good technique for sleeping in general because it stops you from thinking about one topic too much and staying awake… like worrying about bills or something that is pointless before you go to sleep.

After I thought cycle for a while (5-15 minutes depending), the imagery and sounds just start happening on their own, and the imagery gets really vivid and the sound gets really strange… like sometimes I hear two people having a conversation, but I can’t understand what they are saying… or weird music. Sometimes vibrations kick in at this point, if not I try to feel my dream body. I imagine my dream body resting in the same space as my real body… usually because of the increased vividness of the hypnagogic state, this is easy. Then I lift my dream arm out of my real arm… If everything goes well I will either go into the vibrating state, or pass through it and be very close to a lucid dream… all I have to do is roll out of my real body and I’m in the dream. Moving your dream body in this hypnagogic state is kind of like using your imagination rather than sending your “real” arm or body the message to move… but since the hypnagogic state gives you such vivid imaginatory powers, imagining it is just like doing it. When I say I roll my dream body out of my real body, it’s kind of like rocking back and forth in your bed and then rolling over. By the time I roll over my real body is usually totally paralyzed and I can start moving my dream body as normal without waking up. There is a dangerous part before total paralysis has set in where you can accidentally move your real body and wake up… so just be careful not to try too hard until you are sure your body is paralyzed.