I thought that summer would HELP LDing for me...

I thought that summer would HELP LDing for me but it really hasn’t. After having some success when school was in I’m in a summer jam. It’s just that so many things have happened that are unrealistic in real life (rafting, sailing, braces off, partys, fireworks) that my dream life just seems normal! Oh well If I don’t have a LD this summer it wont be the end of the world, but does anyone else have this problem?

A change in social environment can, IMO, influence LD. As for me I’m currently in the army, and have no LD and poor dream recall, possibly due to exhaustion, getting up before 6 am etc. When you get back to your old patterns dream recall etc. will most probably improve.

Regards from a place of no sleep,

Hey charlottedreamer!

LOl! Im actually the exact opposite of u. I couldnt even RecAll any of my dreams while IN school, nevertheless doing any dream projects etc. 4 me, the summer has helped. As u can see ppl are different in what works 4 them to have Ld dreams. Id just say be patient, have a good intent on having a LD and believe that u WILL have a LD.

Good luck with your dreaming life! ^_~