I touched my nose??

The other day I was laying in bed trying to AP or OBE (I am not really clear on the difference) and at one point I no more thought that my nose itched but then my hand scratched it. The really weird thing is that I don’t think my physical hand moved at all. The second it happened I “came to” from the sheer surprise of it. I hope this is the beginning of being able to leave my physical body.

Anyone out there start off like this? Also, if any beginners out there have found a tried and true method of either AP or OBE, I would love to try it. I have been simply repeating a phrase in time with my breathing.


well the method i use is, i move each of my muscles starting from my toes, just tense your muscles from your toes all the way to your head, this will put , or should put you in a deep relaxing state, then just focus on your breathing or keep saying one thing over and over just like your doing. eventually you should feel your astral body “floating” out of your phsyical body

oh and the difference between obe and ap (i think) is that an obe is just an out of body experiance where you are not sure if you were out of the body but it felt like it. AP is where you KNOW your out of your body, and in the astral plane where you can fly , move around your house etc atleast, thats what i think!

i hope this helped! :smile:

Thanks! I will definitely try it.


no, an OBE can happen spontaneously, mostly at NDE’s but AP’s are conciously started

ah, thanks for making things clearer :happy: