I tried last night!!!

Last night I desided to give Lucid another try…

I turned everything off, and lyied down in my bed with my eyes closed, I can see through my eye lids so I have no problem with that…

I concentrated on one spot, with my eyelids still closed, seeing one of my bed room posters, but not very clear…

Then after that I dunno what happend I must have fell asleep…

I;m going to give it another go tonight…


i have the same problem… every damn night
i think its up for us to discover our best techniques

you really should have posted that in the big WILD topic but its cool

yer, cheers m8t, i forgot about that topic, next time I will post in their :happy:

hmm what do you mean “see through your eyelids” and the falling asleep part yeah i hate that :grrr: i get all excited about having a ld and i end up falling asleep , really makes me mad!

What I ment was, that when I close my eyes I can already see using my third eye… that’s the correct term I should have put…

So I just concentrate on a certain spot in my room…

So your saying you can see through your 3rd eye??? Like actually your real eyes would see?

Just keep trying. :smile:

the 3rd eye thing is amazing. I dont know if i can beleive it fully though. but if its real thats pretty cool.

I have the same prob too. I always fall asleep suddenly. I wake up and I look at the clock cause it didnt feel like I fell asleep, and it says 2:00(am) instead of 10:00 pm! it ticks me off. A lot a times that happenes. during the day even if i’m not trying to be LD, all of a sudden I’ll wake up and it’ll be 2 hours later. Leavin me goin what the heck just happened? And I also hate when your half asleep and all of a sudden you wake up quick, and you get a huge jolt where your whole body does a massive twitch. Like a short dream of falling and landing on the bed is what happenes to me usually.

talking off strange sleep/time things

Once I was in a Business Studies lesson, and I was very tired.
not that it was a particulary boring lesson.
I tried my very hardest to stay awake, but when my head was near the table, I suddenly fell asleep. (luck has it that my hand was in the way, so I didn’t hurt myself or cause a noise)
I fell asleep for what felt like 5-15 minutes, but I looked up and nothing had changed. I was asleep for the distance between my head and my hand!

The weirdest part is that I did not feel tired whatsoever after that!

(of course I RCed at that point)

WTF? You see through your eyelids? How is that possible?

I’ve heard of people being able to do that while under the influence of certain substances but… wtf?