I tried WBTB but...

Hello !

My name is Victor, I am 16 (and French, but don’t tell anybody :tongue:).
I discovered LD a while ago, first I was like: “What is this crap ? Some kind of grass smokers again…”. But then I read more and more, and as you no doubt have guessed, it seduced me.
The very first night I tried (sort of a MILD) it was a quite good start. My aim was to remember as many dream as I could. As I remember I woke up somewhere around 2 or 3 in the morning. I was quite exited I must say. I wrote what I remembered (2 pages !!) and went back to bed.

After that i tried different things, not hardly. I think (hope) lucidity will comes to me.

Now I have this sort of experience a lot:
I wake up in the morning, completely normal, and after a very short moment, a thought comes to me. I understand it is part of a dream I had, so I remember it the most I can.
It seams that in most of (all of) the dreams I remember there is a moment, very sudden, where I am beginning to think something is wrong, really wrong.
I don’t claim I had a lucid dream (yet). But I remember awesome things such as:
Saying very loud to the people around me: “I am having a lucid dream !” (Note that I said it in English even though it is not my native language, also note that, even though I said that I was not lucid at all, I was dream of being lucid, I swear it is one of the most frustrating things in my life :tongue:)
Watching at my hands reality checking myself, asking myself “is this real ?” “WTF I am dreaming !?”
I remember dreaming of swimming, breathing under the water. I realised something was wrong. I woke up. And then I woke up AGAIN. (Is it what we called a false wake up ? Very annoying I can tell.)
And so on…

I guess all this are greats signs i am getting closer to lucidity, aren’t they ? (Answer yes or I kill you and all of your family, burn your house, your dog and your computer)

Last but not least, here is the experience that made me post a new tread here.
Yesterday night I read some websites about LD, for 10 minutes or so. Please note that I had never tried Wake Back To Bed method. I went on this web page. It is quite convincing so I tried. I tried WBTB this night. Read carefully:
I set my alarm clock at 5:45 am.
I went to bed at about 11:30 pm.
I woke up naturally at 5:10 or something like that. So I turned off my alarm clock, went to the bathroom to put water on my face (lovely :happy: ).
I stayed awake for 45 minutes, reading a book about philosophy and another about logic. I precise I was setting on a CHAIR not comfy at all.
Very well, it is the time, I went back to bed around 5:50 or something like that.
But here is the thing.It took me like an hour to sleep again. I didn’t have any sort of lucid dream. This morning I woke up at 10 am very tired. I know I shouldn’t, but I must say I am a bit disappointed.

Anyway I’ll keep trying because I believe it’s awesome.
I am sure you have some comments about that, and I’d love to read them.


Btw WBTB not always works on the first attempt , I suggest you to combine it with MILD or WILD and even wake up earlier…

hello and welcome :wave:

yeah, WBTB isn’t 100%, unfortunatelly. I’ve also had trouble falling back asleep. Asidanl09 said, if you do another technique, like MILD or WILD when you go back to bed the chances of success ar much greater.

Another thnig, maybe you got “too awake”, so next time you do a WBTB you can try to stay up only maybe 30 or even 15 minutes. The important thing is to get to that point where you feel you won’t simply fall asleep as soon as you close your eyes…

And dreaming of being lucid (FLD) and the FA are indeed signs you’re close.

Keep practicing and you’ll get a LD very soon, and trust me, it’s worth it :wink:

Excellent work. mattias is correct. You are very close.
Instead of fully waking up, perhaps try immediately using WILD. Perhaps that would work for you. :wink:
Good Luck!