I want someone to try this....(Pedro maybe?)

i want someone to try this for me. i specified pedro becuz i think he tried something like this already. and yes, i know i should have posted this ureon’s thread which is also on this board but i want this to get special attention.

someone go into your dream and try to alter your mind (hack your brain) to make it so that when you are awake, you will have the ability to use your mind like a calculator. meaning you could do any mathematical equation in your head and produce the answer in the same amout of time or close to the speed of a calculator.

if anyone accepts this challenge, let me know by posting a reply that you have, otherwise i’ll just have to wait until i ge lucid myself.

I accept…
I always wanted to do something like that… Pedros my idol ( :tongue: )
yeah… ill warn you if i make it…
and if i dont :grin:

That sounds impossible. I cant see how it would work. It would really help in math class however.

If you were to “hack your brain”, why only make yourself like a calculator? Why not something better than that?

this idea came to me when i heard that Pedro sucessfully planted a false memory into his mind via his lucid dreams. this implies that it IS possible to alter the brain using your dream and reap the benfits IRL.

also, i have heard that many ppl have used lucid dreams to heal their physical bodies of illness.

I KNOW that this is possible. very possible. the question is how to do it… which is what i am trying to find out here.

and dreamwalker, i feel it is best to start small so as to avoid utter and earthshattering disappointment. :tongue:

Sounds interesting, I might try it in my next LD. Just need to find a way to “save” it for use IRL. Maybe voice commands or something?

I wouldn’t say it is possible to hack the brain in any way we desire though… I succeded in creating a false memory… but some parts of the brain may be out of reach!

I will experiment and share with you’s what I’m up to…

thnx for replying pedro, but know this. the most important thing i have learned for myself and from others is that nothing is impossible…if one of you cant find a way to do this…i promise you that i will, or destroy my mind in the process…

sorry for being so serious there… :grin:

I have read posts where people have said that self hypnosis during a LD is very effective- mabey this is the way to go. I also believe such things can be done, for example at the forum at Lucidity.com one person described an LD in which after comanding his body to feel the most pleasure possible, he experienced euphoria beyond anything he previously had even imagined.

However hacking into the brain itself would probably take much practice

Hey mate, thats one of my favourite quotes of all time (my father passed it on to me), NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE :smile:

I like that you said it,…and its definitely true, keep at it mate, there is a way, ofcourse it wont be easy to find it but if you persist you WILL succeed :wink:

All the best!


MM it sure is a creative experiment :smile:
I like those lol.

A way more easy test and with way more succeed chance and within the specialism of the dreaming stage already is try to create a photographic memory and take that with you in rl.
That should be possible to create from dreaming.
I worked on that years and years a go a few times before some other goals took my attention.
but i sure had some succes with it after a couple of times trying from within a ld.
I used hypnosis suggestions for that in a ld!

Good luck! :wink:


Well I’ve recently not done any more of the “brain hacking” stuff after so many of the ideas I had didn’t work…but some did. That’s the point… I KNOW that some is possible. SO…I’m willing to give this another SERIOUS shot. I think we should all (in this thread) make a list of things that we could enable our brains to do. Such as the amazing maths skills…and the photographic memory… and the false memories which I managed. Make a huge list and we can assess which ones should be attempted first and we can all try to research this to the furthest point possible. I’m willing to try all ideas if they aren’t stupid. Anyone got anything to add to the list?

Maybe we should think about the different jobs the subconscious does…coz all were really trying to do is bring them to the conscious for use!

Pedro how did you do when you created the false memory? And do you have any suggestions on how to “hack the brain”

Here’s another idea: Learning to control consciously those bodily fucntions which normally are controlled automatically/subconsciously. For example, I’ve read about Tibetan monks who through years of meditation have learned to control their heart and metabolism rates. Perhaps we could make the beating of our heart similar to breathing- we can alter it if we choose, but if not it would be controlled unconsciously

how about trying to enable your mind to listen to several peolpe takling at the same time?

how about “hacking your brain” to enable you to enter alpha and theta brain states at will. some people can do it at will in just a few seconds after a lot of practice but i think that w/ lucid dreams u could get to that point much faster.

how about a Brain Hack that allowed you to induce LD’s simply by saying a certain key phrase or word before going to sleep.

also, i was wondering if it were possible to experience ,accurately, something you had not experienced IRL

ie; sex… :tongue: , food, various other sensations and experiences

“how about “hacking your brain” to enable you to enter alpha and theta brain states at will” -DevilsAdvocate

that sounds real good. at monroe institute they bring you to different focus levels by counting up to a number, perhaps conditioning yourself to reach a mind-state you’ve associated with a number through repetition and association. maybe that will work in dreaming, many months of hemi-sync did not

Personally I’d like to be able to skew my time sense at will. So that seconds would seem to take hours. Or hours seconds. We do it everynight while we sleep. I don’t see why we couldn’t do it during the day if we needed to or wanted to.

austizmo that isn’t true. See the lucid time topic for more information, I’ve explained this before…