I want to become a Lucid Dreamer in the next 3-6 months

So here is my GOAL I want to become a Lucid Dreamer in the next 3-6 months. I am hoping this is possible and I hope YOU ALL will help me in achieving my goal.

I have been trying to get Lucid in my dreams since childhood.
I became Lucid once or twice when I was a kid and ever since I have been interested in dreams.
I tried LD in 2010. I used to repeat the Mantra “This is Just a Dream” for 16 HRs a day for continuously 30 days. After repeating this Mantra continuously for 30 days ie 480 HRs I DID NOT BECOME LUCID but Ended Up stopping ALL OF MY THOUGHTS for a period of 30 SECONDS.
I tried visualization repeating the same Mantra and I had a WILD but woke up as soon as I realized I was dreaming. WILD happened only once in my lifetime and that too only for a second I was Lucid and I woke up immediately.
In my lifetime I have had a total of around 5 Lucid Dreams which lasted only for a few seconds or I would wake UP.
I work in a call center so I work in shifts day and night because of which I have INSOMNIA.
Since Covid started I have been working from home so I have a day shift.
Till the time I am working from Home, I can practice Trying to get Lucid in my dreams.
So I have the Next 3-6 months or 1 year to practice Lucid Dreams.
So here is my GOAL I want to become a Lucid Dreamer in the next 3-6 months. I am hoping this is possible and I hope YOU ALL will help me in achieving my goal.
Thanks a lot for reading my message.
Waiting for a reply from YOU ALL.

Hello Isaac,

it seems you already know quite a lot about lucid dreaming. What I’m curious about most is your motivation. You made it clear that you want to become a lucid dreamer. What do you want to do in/with your lucid dreams that make you strive for it so badly?

Of course dreams can be something very personal so you don’t even have to spell the answer out here if you don’t want to. The purpose of the question is to make you consider by yourself what you really want. Maybe write it down as specifically as possible, too, to increase your commitment to it. I want you to look at the mission with a clear thing to do in mind, rather than a vague “I want to have lucid dreams“. That will also make it easier to work towards your goal.

Now let’s talk about this work. What’s the performance of your dream recall recently? A sort of obligatory question: Where do you stand when it comes to keeping a dream journal?
You mentioned some things about techniques that you tried before. And which technique are you into these days? Surprisingly you didn’t mention reality checks (usually people in your situation talk all about RCs :laughing: ). Point is: do you regularly confirm that you are dreaming? How aware are you of your surroundings and circumstances, e.g. how you got someplace?

Let’s see where you’re at right now, then we can discuss the relevant details better :wink:

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I have been practicing yoga and meditation since 2002 and I have always been interested in LD .

I have done Asanas, Pranayam, Tantra, Mantra, Yantra and after doing All this I have realised that the EASIEST way to Succeed in meditation is to meditate in my Dreams.

that’s my Goal.

I have dedicated the rest of my Life to achieve this goal.

But I have a Time Constrain
I will have a Fixed Day Shift for the next 6 months to 1 year. So for the next 1 year I will get GOOD SLEEP and I can Practice LD . So that is why I want to become a Lucid dreamer in the next 3 to 6 months.

I am Starting from scratch Again.

After reading I realised that the FIRST Step is to Recall your Dreams.

So since 22 Nov 21 I started keeping a Dream Journal.
It’s been 20 days and I have written down 11 Dreams.
For the past 1 week I have been able to recall 1 Dream per morning :sun_with_face:

So my Goal for December is to increase the Quality and Quantity of my Dream Recall . Because without Dream Recall Lucid dreaming is not Possible.

I am open to Advise and am Willing to make necessary changes for my Success.

Please Advise on How to Proceed Further.

Thanks a lot for reading my message.

Waiting for your Reply :pray::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:

Just a recent incident about a week back.
In the night I saw the move Inception and went to sleep. In the morning in my dreams I Spoke to myself and said to myself in the dream “This is a dream” … I must have repeated this procedure at least 10 times in my dream … But I still did NOT become Lucid and I woke up…

That’s a lot of interesting and relevant information!

That’s an interesting one. When you succeed, please report back on your experience about it, I’m also curious.

In order to reach your goal, I strongly recommend that you change your mental goal from “I want to become a lucid dreamer in 3-6 months“ to “I want to do meditation practice X in my lucid dreams“. In my experience focus doesn’t hurt, but may be beneficial.

That sounds promising. Next step: keep the level. Consistency in dream recall is very useful. If you can average one dream per night constantly then you’re in a good state for sure. More is of course better but there may be diminishing returns.

The dreams that you do remember, how long and detailed are they? For example a typical dream feels like how many minutes? How many lines/pages do you fill in your DJ?

That’s a very good sign actually. Most people dream about dreams and lucidity at least once before becoming lucid. It means that your mind is processing the topic even while asleep. Make it a habit to really question reality when engaging in anything related to dreams. For example I was doing that while writing this post and you had better done it right now as you are reading it.

What’s important is to get the reality check right, which is what made your dream turned into a near miss. Don’t just tell yourself that it is a dream. You actually need to believe it and understand the dream state on a deeper level. Set yourself a criteria that will be fulfilled in a dream. This is how classic reality checks work: build the expectation that something unrealistic will happen and believe it will. When it does, you’ll be lucid.
In advanced cases you can forego the expectation building. You will realize based on circumstances that you are in a dream. A great MILD like mantra/indoctrination and heightened awareness makes this magic work.

Dear Izakxs,
try not to sleep to much. You should target on good prolonged REM sleep in the morning every once in a while.
Read about the REM rebound effect as I understand you were/are suffering from insomnia so this could be right up your alley.

And yes, good dream recall IS the first step.

yours sincerely,

I understand WILD, DILD, WBTB but could someone explain me MILD Technic Please…

Regarding my dream recall
For 1st 3 days my DJ was empty then 2 - 3 words
Now a sentence or two.
I find it difficult to put my dreams into words…
Any Help/Advise I will be really Happy :pray:

MILD is a type of DILD where you’re trying to program yourself to recognize a dream in the near future right before falling asleep. Here’s a guide that outlines the gist:

From what you have written so far it sounds like you’ve already been doing MILD or at least some variation of it. It can also be used to improve dream recall.

Try to improve also on the quality of your dreams. Really good recall means that you will be able to write quite a lot about a dream. Of course the amount of recall for each individual dream will also vary a lot. Maybe one night you have a dream that only begets a single line but another one yields an entire essay. That’s normal. You can check out the dream journal section on the forum to get some feeling for what level of detail and length and are possible. I’d say the post tend to be above average though (because many people don’t post short, uninteresting snippets).

The quality of your dream recall is vital. Just remembering that you had a dream and what the theme was is not satisfactory. You’ll want ample detail and several minutes of dream story, if possible. Why? Because when you have a lucid dream and all you remember is a haze, then you’re not getting your full out of lucid dreaming!

This is normal but will subside with conscious effort and practice. There are a few things to keep in mind. Dreams don’t have to be coherent. For example last night I had a dream that started in my old school’s canteen but I had to get food vouchers first. I went to a gas station on the schoolyard for that and when I went back the canteen turned into an underwater hideout of my gang. Still I write down everything I do on the way and whatever I remember, even the completely wacky intermissions.

Next is that dreams of course don’t have to make sense. Don’t be afraid to write down complete nonsense in your dream journal if that’s what your dream was. Also often you will not be sure of the facts because memory is pale or the dream to fleeting. So even if you are uncertain, still write it down. I often end my sentences with “or something like that“ or a question mark to indicate that I’m not certain.

Thirdly, dreams don’t consist of facts and actions only. You have a lot of senses. You can record your perception with any of them. Also I think that feelings in dreams are very important. They can be much stronger than IWL, too. Finally, dreams often inject some context or plot at large. Often this is just a feeling or you simply know about your circumstances while inside the dream (e.g. that you are the boss of a group of people). This is mainly done through FM, false memory. All of these things you can write down and elaborate on.

I think :thinking: I will have to spend the next 3 months Only doing Dream Recall…
Firstly I am getting sleep Only for 6 hrs So right now I am concentrating on Sleeping well maybe 8 to 9 hrs.
Secondly I am still Not able to Recall my Dreams…I write Only one sentence 3-4 words…
I am still Finding it Difficult to Remember and write down my Dreams…
Any Suggestions ???

Getting enough sleep definitely is a good start. You are using an alarm clock I guess? Then it is quite easy to calculate when you need to go to bed :stuck_out_tongue:

Improving and building formidable dream recall will probably take less than 3 months, if you are putting some effort into it. The most important part probably lies in getting a good sense for what your dreams feel like and what you typically dream about. This will also be very useful when reaching for lucid dreams, so these are all value adding activities and certainly no waste.

Here are two things you can try. You said you are writing down only a few words at the moment. Whatever you remember you can use as a starting point: What did I do before that? What did I do after that? Who was with me? How did I feel? What was different to waking life?

The second “technique“ you can use when you are groping in the dark: What do I typically dream of, is any of my dream themes or dream signs ringing a bell for me? Dreams also often reflect things you’ve been doing (a lot) IWL or that left an (emotional) imprint on you. What have you been doing lately? What did you do last week? 4 weeks ago? Last year? Several years ago? When you were 12 to 16 years old? Which people played an important role in your life at those points? Again, understanding your dreams already on an advanced level will make this memory probing easier. Sometimes you’ll unbury older dreams from before the previous night by chance, which is a nice byproduct.