I want to get back the ability!

In the pasto 6 months I had aquired the ability to have 2/3 LDs per week. The technique I used was this: I autosuggested myself to wake up (aprox. 5 hs after falling asleep), and when I woke up I remained absolutely still and after some mins (1-2) vibrations started and… (you know the rest).

Well, because of school and its schedulle I couldn’t practise this for a long time and so I lost the ability to do this. I can’t seem to get through the stage were you start to see HI in the form of images coming in flashes.

Any suggestion?

School and work have always been annoying stumbling blocks for me as well.

The only answer I’ve found is to practice often and read up on LD methods frequently before bed, to help get me in the correct mindset. Also, be sure you stay up enough before you attempt a WILD that you don’t drift off too quickly. :wink:

Just practise on Friday and Saturday ?

I`m going to school.

Therefor i talked to my teacher and asked him if i lost sleep by waking up in the middle of the night and start sleeping again at (almost) once.

He said it wasn`t that bad.

Was he right ?