I want to help new LDers LD faster

I was looking through “Wizards” posts. I will briefly comment on them and then sugest a new idea.

Firstly, he says that our mind reflects reality only, but I disagree. Dreams are not reality like, they are “crazy” sometimes. So I think it reflects contousness, creativity and unaware (subcontious) creativity or though.

Secondly, he says that PasQuale comes from Italy? I thought she came from the Nederlands. (Netherlands, I can’t remember which ones English, if any)

Thirdly, I think his method is just like a WILD method, and that people who don’t relax to the point of sleeping easly will find it hard. But he did say don’t judge him till he had completed his work.

My idea is that everyone is unique, so there is no one method for LD. Why not collect all the methods up and match certain types of people up to a method. They would be be matched upto a method that has been known to be matched up with persons similar to them. There is nearly 2000 users on this forum, not including the internet, so I think information sources are not a problem. This is dependent on how much people are willing to contribute though, you might not think this is a good idea, for example, or that it is more suffeciant for people to find there own method or “feeling” of LD.

1.) Collect a list of factors that could effect the method used by a person.

2.) Turn these factors into a questionaire in which I will be able to match the persons factors to there preffered method of LD. Ask people the questions and what method they preffere (as a question included as well as the factor questions)

3.) Test and discuss the results with the forum to see if new ideas can be implemented

4.) Collect all information (matches) together, turn into a presentable form, and do further testing

5.) Make any ajustments needed and then finalize the “LD test” to present as an appropriate form, ie: A webpage “survey-like” test. Discuss the different forms briefly.

A.) To make a reliable (if posssible) test in which new LDers are directed to the best possible method immediatly.

B.) For the end result to be simple, easy to use, and get new LDers LDing as fast as possible. This means less questions like, how do I LD? and more, what can I do in an LD?

C.) To provide information (methods) on LD to new LDers and elder LDers.

So now I am asking everyone to post any factors they think would effect the method a person uses for LD?

It could be things like; sex, religious beleifs or how logical someone is etc.

I had another idea. It should include how to stay Lucid and things you can do, and what is recommened to do first. It should also give a brief summery on how todo Shred dreaming and Astral/OBE projecting

Wouldnt you think it would be like rewriting EWLD?Its not the bad idea at all and i see one pro of it-all in one ready to use form.
But on the other hand there are heaps of materials about lding and lots of methods allready very easy to find.
Im not saying its a bad invention…im just not sure if you want to put so much energy and time in something hmmm.how to call it…not new?
Im just thinking out loud…
Im sure a lot of new to lding would appreciate this work.

I see. Yes, well, I wanted to make an easy to use “wizard” like thing, instead of a new LDer having to read a book. But I will see what is already availble on the internet. Thepoint is this new invention will choose the methods for you, that are best suted to you. But it might not be needed, there may already be something out already, that is similar to my projects aim.

I read EWLD and still no LD… :sad:

Regardless, I’m willing to help to be a guinea pig for whatever you have planned. I only had two times so far where I realized I was dreaming, but I immediately woke up both times. So they can’t even be considered LDs.

I think it does sound like a good idea though since there are so many techniques out there and some only apply to people with specific sleep, dream or thought patterns.

Well alright, I will do it. Unfortunatley I’m runnign out of time, but I still have spear moments.

All I need now is a list of factors that could effect the method somebody uses to LD.

Meditation skills
Dream recall
How willing somebody is to beleive about LD
Astral/OBE skills
Communication skills
How well they experience feeling
How patient they are
How quickly they fall to sleep
What extents (time) people are willing to go to
Sceduele (Can they wake up at 4.00 am or do they have to get up early, ie 5 am)

The idea is that by the end I will have a program that can acuratley determine the best methods for you. I cannot, however, asure succsess.

Main thing you need to put there as it comes to efectiveness is ones will.He/she must want it in order to any tech to work well.
I meet many people who ask me about profits from lding and they seems interested but then they start asking questions like “are reality checks necessary?” or “do i have to do this or that or…”
I believe that person will have lds with almost every method if she/he geniunely wants it from within,not just to kill few days of boredom.
good luck:)

I think it’s very hard to remember to do reality checks all the time. The only time I really remember to do them is when I’m reading this forum.

One idea to overcome this problem is to develop additional cues or reminders that you more commonly encounter during the day. For example, tell yourself that you’ll remember to perform an RC next time you see a dog, or use the bathroom. Eventually, these arbitrary reminders will form a reliable association in your mind, and you’ll remember to do an RC every time you see them - even in a dream.

Alternatively, you could try reminding yourself with timed cues. I used to have a watch that could be set to beep every hour, and I’d use this to remind myself to do an RC. If you use a computer a lot during the day, you can get software that brings up a reminder (it doesn’t have to be explicit) at a scheduled routine.

The most important thing of all is to actually put in the effort in the first place. If you go well out of your way to set up RC reminders, or otherwise set your intention to LD, your mind becomes more aware of the significance of it all. The more effort you go to during the day, the more chance you’ll dream about it that night.